Blue Angels Add Eau Claire, WI to 2015 Schedule

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US Navy Blue Angels - NAS Oceana Airshow 2014

We now have one gap in the 2015 Blue Angels schedule filled after Blue Angels #7 and #8 stopped in Eau Claire, WI to perform a preseason coordination visit. They only perform such visits at locations they will be performing at the following season, so even though Eau Claire did not appear on the 2015 Blue Angel schedule released at ICAS in 2013, the show was expected to appear on the updated schedule to be released at this year’s ICAS convention. Sure enough, it was announced soon after the visit that the Blue Angels had committed to performing at the Chippewa Valley Airshow in Eau Claire the 4th and 5th of July of next year. This fills a hole in their schedule left open by the surprise cancellation of the St. Cloud, MN airshow, which was awarded a Blue Angel performance despite not intending to request one. The two locations are relatively close together, so it will not be much of a change for the team.

Captain Jeff Kuss, Blue Angel #7 and team narrator, stated, “We’re happy to announce that we are going to come here, we’re very excited about performing in this part of the country.” The show is scheduled for July 4th and 5th of 2015. This will be the first appearance of the Blue Angels to the show since 2010.

As always, there is a lot of pre-season planning that must be conducted before the show can commence. “In order for us to really start the ball rolling, we need to get eyes on the show area, the airfield area, the facility where we’ll be staying, where we’ll be working out, and most importantly, to be able to develop the relationship with the people we’ll be working with,” says Captain Corrie Mays, the events coordinator and Blue Angel #8. After the preseason flights and inspections, the team will not see the area until the week of the show, which is still seven and a half months away.

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