Nalls Aviation Adds Two Seat Harrier To Jet Warbird Fleet

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Courtesy Nalls Aviation Facebook Page
Courtesy Nalls Aviation Facebook Page

Last week, Art Nalls and Nalls Aviation made an extremely exciting announcement about their future plans. Art has managed to secure and purchase a two seat Harrier (from the UK) to join his already well known Sea Harrier and L-39 Albatros. The Nalls team does have plans for it to make airshow appearances in its stunning gloss black paint scheme, but it will also be used for training new civilian Harrier pilots. Only two pilots fly the current Sea Harrier; Art himself and retired Marine Corps General Joe Anderson. Both are rated as flight instructors for powered lift aircraft and will be able to pass on their knowledge using the two seater.

The aircraft will be disassembled and shipped to the US, where it will need to be reassembled and modified for FAA approval. It is expected to be flying in 2015. The question on our minds is, will we see a two ship Harrier demo routine, or will the aircraft simply appear at separate shows as single ships?

Until we get that question answered, allow us to offer you a ride on the tail of the Nalls Sea Harrier at the Cleveland National Airshow this past September:

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