USAF Thunderbirds 2018 Airshow Schedule Released

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US Air Force Thunderbirds

Here is the 2018 airshow schedule for the US Air Force Thunderbirds! Will you see them in 2018? Let us know! Post in the AirshowStuff Forums or on the AirshowStuff Facebook page and make sure you share pictures after the show!

Schedules often change during the year – for the latest updates please be sure to check our forums!

2018 Appearance Schedule – US Air Force Thunderbirds

March 10-11: OPEN (Likely extra training)
March 17-18: OPEN (Likely extra training)
March 24-25: Melbourne Air & Space Show – Melbourne, FL

April 7-8: March Field Air & Space Expo – March ARB, CA (Performance canceled due to safety stand down)
April 14-15: Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-In & Expo – Lakeland, FL (Performance canceled due to safety stand down)
April 21-22: Wings Over Columbus – Columbus AFB, MS (Performance canceled due to safety stand down)
April 28: Charleston Air Expo – JB Charleston, SC

May 5-6: Fort Lauderdale Air Show – Fort Lauderdale, FL
May 12-13: Laughlin AFB Open House – Laughlin AFB, TX
May 19-20: AirPower Over Hampton Roads – Langley AFB, VA
May 23: U.S. Air Force Academy Graduation – Colorado Springs, CO
May 26-27: Cannon AFB Air Show – Cannon AFB, NM

June 2-3: Gunfighter Skies Air Show – Mountain Home AFB, ID
June 9-10: Thunder Of Niagara Airshow – Niagara Falls, NY
June 16-17: OC Air Show – Ocean City, MD
June 23-24: The Utah Air Show – Hill AFB, UT
June 30-July 1: Arctic Thunder Air Show – Elmendorf AFB, AK

July 7-8: Duluth Air and Aviation Expo – Duluth, MN
July 14-15: The Great New England Air Show – Westover ARB, MA
July 21-22: Milwaukee Air & Water Show – Milwaukee, WI
July 25: Cheyenne Frontier Days – Cheyenne, WY
July 28-29: Westmoreland County Air Show – Latrobe, PA

August 4-5: Minot AFB Air Show – Minot, ND
August 18-19: 60th Chicago Air & Water Show – Chicago, IL
August 22: Thunder Over the Boardwalk – Atlantic City, NJ
August 25-26: Thunder Over Michigan – Ypsilanti, MI

September 1-2: Canadian International Air Show – Toronto, ON
September 8-9: McConnell AFB Open House – McConnell AFB, KS
September 15-16: New York Air Show – New Windsor, NY
September 22-23: California Capital Air Show – Sacramento, CA
September 29-30: California International Air Show – Salinas, CA

October 6-7: Maryland Fleet Week & Air Show – Baltimore, MD
October 13-14: Fort Worth Alliance Air Show – Fort Worth, TX
October 20-21: Breitling Huntington Beach Air Show – Huntington Beach, CA
October 27-28: Thunder Over the Rock – Little Rock AFB, AR

November 3-4: Wings Over Homestead – Homestead ARB, FL
November 10-11: Aviation Nation – Nellis AFB, NV

Want to look a little further ahead? We also have a copy of the preliminary 2019 US Air Force Thunderbirds schedule!

44 Responses

  1. Marsha

    No Georgia dates this year???? Y’all need to recheck the schedule. Am hoping that this was overlooked. I need my Thunderbird fix.

  2. Chloe

    No dates in California? I want to shear the experience with my son’s. Plus I love seeing the show.

  3. Rick & Linda

    Glad to see them returning to Langley . . . been toooo Long! will make the special trip “home” from SC to see them!

  4. Dan Eifert

    do the Thunderbirds have public practices like the Blue Angels do at Pensacola Naval Air Station

  5. JoCast

    Vandenberg AFB, a major USAF installation has been left out since 2000 and there are tons of T-Bird fans here in Central Coast, CA. Their last performance in 2000 was a record holder with approximately 25K+ in attendance. Is there a chance of adding them to the schedule in the future?

  6. C voyles

    Always a thrill to see, hear and experience our Air Force Thunderbirds. Am so looking forward to the Columbus Air Force Base spectacular! An event for my entire family.

  7. Robert Dansby

    When will Thunderbird have an airshow at Maxwell Air Force in Montgomery, Alabama?
    I am Robert Dansby from Brundidge, Alabama and I am deaf.
    I met Thunderbird ‘s group in 2006 and 2017 at Maxwell Air Force in Montgomery, Alabama.

  8. Melvin

    I can hardly wait till they come to little rock ark in Oct it’s been to long since they been here or since we had a air show I love the thunderbird I am a AIR FORCE Veteran and proud of that too

  9. Lajuanna jones

    When will air show in lake city Florida be again, loved it the last time.

  10. Jerry R Silva

    I’m looking forward too attending this year’s air show at March Air Reserve Field in Riverside California; I’ve always have been a very true loyal fan; of all air shows; but this is, very special for myself, and my entire family&friends too attend the air show here in Riverside California, because i thought the air show at March Reserve Air Force Station was cancelled awhile back, the last air show, i went too was back in 2012 at March Air Reserve Field; and after, i didn’t see anything in past years about the return of the air show in Riverside California!! So, As of next month’s air show, i will continue my ultimate favorite hobby attending the air shows at March Air Reserve Station in Riverside California!! I will be attending tne air shows from now on…. Thank you all so very much for continuing my ultimate fun&exciting hobby too attend the air shows; once again: I’m looking forward to attending this year’s, and the future air shows in Riverside….

  11. Janie

    No BAFB (Barksdale Air Force Base) air show this year, and I don’t see one for next year either. I am waiting to see you all!

  12. Rob C. Davis

    Its a real shame that they overlooked us here at Fox Field this year! Id bet my inheritance that im not the only 1 who DID NOT chk their schedule. I saw a young boy crying today because he’d just found out they were not here. Broke my heart .

  13. John Johnston

    Can’t wait to see the Air Show this weekend at M.A.R.B. in MorenoValley, CA., watching the best pilots in the world is exciting. Although I love attending Nascar races, but sorry Nascar you can’t top this. Go “Thunderbirds.”

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