US Navy Blue Angels And USAF Thunderbirds Adopt Chemtrail Smoke To Aid Recruitment

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Blue Angels and Thunderbirds Chemtrails

Chemtrails aren’t just for airliners anymore! Unconfirmed reports have surfaced today that the US Navy Blue Angels and US Air Force Thunderbirds have begun using a new type of airshow smoke this year. The smoke will contain chemicals, such as Dihydrogen Monoxide, designed to induce a strong sense of awe and patriotism in anyone exposed to it. The substance is very similar to that used in traditional chemtrails that are sprayed around the world.

Documents released to the media indicate that the move is fueled by declining recruitment numbers. A primary goal of the demonstration teams is to inspire young people to enlist in the military. One passage in particular slams “kids these days” for being too distracted by cell phones and electronics to be taken in by the military’s message. “Even young people sitting outside at an airshow are constantly on their cell phones,” the document states, “and they can hardly be bothered to look up at the amazing aerobatics in front of them. New methods are needed to reach these dang kids.” Ironically, the military plans to funnel many of the new recruits into the drone pilot program where they will fly by staring at a screen.

The new smoke has already been used at several show sites in 2016, and will likely be appearing in skies near you at some point this year. It is not harmful to spectators’ health, but anyone affected will find themselves extremely impressed by the flying action during the show. They will feel euphoric and proud of the military capabilities of the US. If all goes well, some will even consider joining the military. All thanks to chemtrails.