CONFIRMED: A-10 Warthog Aerobatic Demonstrations Returning In 2018!

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A-10 Thunderbolt II

Get ready Warthog fans! The wait is over. A-10 Warthog single-ship demonstrations will return to the skies at airshows across the nation in 2018.

In a statement released by Air Combat Command this week, we learned an A-10 demonstration team will be based at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ. They will perform at approximately 14 airshows during the 2018 show season. This follows a Twitter post by the current A-10 Heritage Flight team, which we reported on last week, that hinted at a coming announcement. There is no word on what will happen to the current East Coast A-10 Heritage Flight Team, based at Moody AFB in GA.

You may remember due to budget restrictions and sequestration, single ship demos were restricted after the 2011 season. Heritage Flights were performed in 2012 and 2017, but no aerobatic demonstrations were allowed.

Here is the text of the announcement shared by ICAS and ACC:

The United States Air Force A-10 demonstration team will once again display the capabilities of the Thunderbolt II at approximately 14 shows throughout the 2018 air show season.

The A-10 demonstration team last flew in 2011. Since then, when it has participated in air shows, the A-10 has been either a static display aircraft or flown exclusively with the Air Force Heritage Flight program (in 2012 and 2017). In 2018, the Warthog will fly a full aerobatic demonstration and also perform in Heritage Flight demonstrations.

Specifically designed for close air support, the A-10’s combination of high and low speed maneuverability has made it a popular air show demonstration aircraft for many years. Beginning next year, the A-10 demo team – based at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona – will be flown by Captain Cody Wilton.

Are you excited to see the return of Warthog demos? What shows do you think may get an A-10 demonstration in 2018?

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Full A-10 Warthog Demonstrations To Return In 2018?

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A-10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Demonstration

A-10 Warthog fans have a big reason to be excited today as the A-10 West team teased the return of full A-10 single-ship demonstrations next year!

The US Air Force used to have two A-10 demonstration teams, but the sequestration cuts forced the units to stand down to USAF Heritage Flights only in 2012 and to cease performances in 2013. They got a bit of a restart this year with both East and West teams reforming to participate in Heritage Flights, but no full demonstrations. It was rumored that this was a stepping stone to full demos, a notion that seems to have been confirmed today.

The A-10 gap has also been filled this year by some normal units showing off the Hawg in field attack demos, including a two ship attack demo at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh.

There is also discussion about the F-35 Lightning II team, currently limited to Heritage Flights, transitioning to full aerobatic demonstrations next year following Lockheed Martin’s company demo in Paris this summer.

Expect both developments to be confirmed at the ICAS convention in December if not before!

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WATCH: The Best Of Military Aviation – May 2017

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Each month we bring you a compilation of the very best military aviation videos on our Youtube channel. These videos take you inside military operations all over the world for things like exercises, aircraft carrier operations, aerial refueling, and training missions. Please enjoy the February video, which you can watch below or view on Youtube: The Best Of Military Aviation – May 2017

A compilation of the best military aviation clips from May 2017. Featuring Operation Northern Edge mass takeoffs, A-29 Super Tucano cockpit footage, aerial refueling of F-16 Fighting Falcons F-22 Raptors, A-10 Warthogs, and F-18 Hornets, an elephant walk at Moody AFB, and more!

Be sure to check out the other videos in the series as well by checking out the Best of Military Aviation video playlist!

Video credits:
Senior Airman Joshua DeGuzman – Alaskan NORAD Region/Alaskan Command/11th Air Force
Staff Sgt. Benjamin Kimball – Colorado National Guard
Petty Officer 2nd Class Travis Litke – Alaskan NORAD Region/Alaskan Command/11th Air Force
Staff Sgt. Esteban Esquivel – 31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Damon Moritz – Navy Media Content Services
Lance Cpl. Serine Farahi – II Marine Expeditionary Force
Staff Sgt. John Raven – U.S. Air Forces Central Command Public Affairs
Lance Cpl. Mark Lowe – Marine Corps Air Station Miramar / 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing
Tech. Sgt. Micah Theurich – U.S. Air Forces Central Command Public Affairs
Master Sgt. Andrew Moseley – 379th Air Expeditionary Wing
Tech. Sgt. Timothy Gallagher – Moody Air Force Base
Senior Airman Jacob Albers – 1st Combat Camera Squadron

Weather Causes Problems for Southeast Airshows

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WCYB Street Level

Once again, Mother Nature is causing havoc for airshows. This time, it’s the Moody AFB and Monroe, NC airshows. Sunday’s edition of Wings over South Georgia has already been canceled for Sunday due to the threat of heavy rainfall and low clouds.

A post on the Moody AFB Facebook page Sunday morning says that “due to inclement weather and in the interest of public safety the Moody Air Force Base Open House and airshow has been canceled for Nov. 8, 2015. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.” The USAF Thunderbirds were scheduled to perform their final demonstration of 2015 show season Sunday afternoon in South Georgia at the airshow.

Another airshow further to the north in Monroe,NC is also being plagued by rain today. As of 8am, no information has been provided on any schedule changes for the Monroe airshow. To the best of our knowledge, events are scheduled as planned.

Yesterday, the schedule for the final day of the NAS Pensacola Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow was adjusted to let the acts perform before rain approached. The Blue Angels took off at 11:30am, an unusual time for the Blues to fly.

Meteorologist and Airshowstuff Photographer Ricky Matthews says that an area of low pressure forming in the Gulf of Mexico will continue to pump moisture up towards both Monroe and Moody AFB through the day. Low clouds and persistent light drizzle will be a threat at Monroe while moderate to at times heavy rain will impact Moody AFB this afternoon.

Ricky Matthews