Canadian Skyhawks Parachute Team 2020

Find out where your favorite performers will be! Be sure to check schedules for updates as they are always subject to change. Also post year-related performer information, such as music lists.
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Canadian Skyhawks Parachute Team 2020

Post by RyanS » Thu May 07, 2020 7:12 pm

I guess we never actually got a schedule from them, but the Canadian Skyhawks have announced that their entire 2020 season is cancelled. I imagine the Snowbirds and CF-18 team will be close behind.
Demonstrating the professionalism, dedication, and teamwork of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) through signature parachute performances is an incredible honour for the SkyHawks. Unfortunately, due to uncertainty regarding COVID-19 and to protect the health and safety of spectators and our team members, the Commander, Canadian Army, Lieutenant-General Wayne Eyre made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 SkyHawks season and all performances.

While the SkyHawks are known for daring formations and manoeuvres underneath our Canadian Flag parachutes, we also pride ourselves in face-to-face engagement with the community following each performance. These interactions and the associated large public gatherings where we typically perform are, understandably, not possible as a result of COVID-19 and the current public health environment.

The decision to cancel the season was not taken lightly by LGen Eyre and we understand the situation is challenging for organizers who had invited the SkyHawks to perform, and we appreciate fully the significant time and resources invested in planning airshows and community events where the SkyHawks were to perform. This is also a difficult time for fellow airshow performers, military and civilian, who had been planning and training for the 2020 show season and the SkyHawks look forward to collaborating with all stakeholders in future years to put on spectacular shows.

This is also hard for the Canadian Armed Forces members who were set to join the team for the 2020 season. You are encouraged to consider applying again for the 2021 season. The team had an extremely strong roster planned for this year to demonstrate the wide variety of professional trades available in the CAF, but your skills will undoubtedly be valued within your home unit as the CAF stands ready to help Canada in this difficult time.

As organizations practice physical distancing and explore new ways to stay connected during the pandemic, the SkyHawks will look for creative ways to stay engaged with our audience online. Should conditions permit and sufficient planning and training lead-time allow, a scaled-down demonstration team may be able to conduct select performances.

Please continue to take care of each other. Blue skies are ahead.
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