US Navy Blue Angels 2015 Airshow Schedule Released

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US Navy Blue Angels - Dayton Airshow 2014

NOTE: The Blue Angels have released an updated schedule for 2016 along with a preliminary schedule for 2017. The 2016 dates shown below may no longer be accurate but are being left up for reference. You can find the new dates in our more recent post: US Navy Blue Angels 2016/2017 Schedule Released

Here is the 2015/2016 airshow schedule for the United States Navy Blue Angels! Will you see them in 2015? Let us know! Post on our Facebook page and make sure you share pictures after the show!


March 14, NAF El Centro Air Show, El Centro, CA
March 21-22, Melbourne Air and Space Show, Melbourne, FL
March 28-29, Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show, Tuscaloosa, AL

April 11-12, MCAS Beaufort Air Show, Beaufort, SC
April 18-19, NAS Corpus Christi Air Show, Corpus Christi, TX
April 25-26, Vidalia Onion Festival Air Show, Vidalia, GA

May 2-3, Barksdale AFB, LA
May 9-10, Quad City Air Show, Davenport, IA
May 16-17, Great New England Air Show, Westover ARB, MA
May 20, US Naval Academy Air Show
May 22, US Naval Academy Graduation Flyover
May 23-24, Rochester, NY
May 30-31, Rhode Island Air Show, North Kingstown, RI

June 6-7, Rockford Air Fest, Rockford, IL
June 13-14, Ocean City Air Show, Ocean City, MD
June 20-21, Westmoreland County Air Show, Latrobe, PA
June 27-28, Evansville Freedom Festival, Evansville, IN

July 4-5, Chippewa Valley Air Show, Eau Claire, WI
July 11, Pensacola Beach Air Show, Pensacola Beach, FL
July 18-19, Oregon International Air Show, Hillsboro, OR
July 25-26, Fargo Air Show, Fargo, ND

August 1-2, Boeing Seafair Air Show, Seattle, WA
August 15-16, Chicago Air & Water Show, Chicago, IL
August 22-23, Kansas City Aviation Expo, Kansas City, MO
August 29-30, Thunder Over Michigan, Ypsilanti, MI

September 2, Thunder Over the Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ
September 5-6, Great State of Maine Air Show, Brunswick, ME
September 12-13, Fort Worth Alliance Air Show, Fort Worth, TX
September 19-20, NAS Oceana Air Show, Oceana, VA
September 26-27, Naval Base Ventura County Air Show, Ventura, CA

October 3-4, MCAS Miramar Air Show, Miramar, CA
October 10-11, San Francisco Fleet Week, San Francisco, CA
October 17-18, Kaneohe Bay Air Show, MCB Hawaii, HI
October 24-25, Sea & Sky Spectacular Air Show, Jacksonville Beach, FL
October 31-November 1, The Great Georgia Air Show, Peachtree City, GA

November 7, Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show, Pensacola, FL


These dates were released on a preliminary basis and some are no longer accurate. Please reference the updated schedule that was released more recently: US Navy Blue Angels 2016/2017 Schedule Released

March 12, NAF El Centro Air Show
March 19-20, Los Angeles County Air Show

April 2-3 Southernmost Air Spectacular
April 9-10 Wings Over South Texas Air Show
April 16-17 Smoky Mountain Air Show
April 23-24 NAS Fort Worth JRB Air Show
April 30 – May 1 MCAS Cherry Point Air Show

May 7-8 Guardians of Freedom Air Show
May 14-15 Spirit of St. Louis Air Show
May 21-22 Lynchburg Regional Air Show
May 25 USNA Air Show
May 27 USNA Graduation Flyover
May 28-29 Jones Beach Air Show

June 4-5 Great Tennessee Air Show
June 11-12 Syracuse International Air Show
June 18-19 Vectren Dayton Air Show
June 25-26 Vero Beach Air Show

July 2-4 National Cherry Festival Air Show
July 9-10 Milwaukee Air & Water Show
July 16 Pensacola Beach Air Show
July 23-24 SD Air National Guard 70th Air Show
July 30-31 Arctic Thunder Open House

August 6-7 Seattle Seafair Air Show
August 20-21 New York City Air Show at Coney Island
August 27-28 Cape Cod Air Show

September 3-5 Cleveland National Air Show
September 10-11 NAS Oceana Air Show
September 17-18 Reno National Championship Air Races
September 24-25 MCAS Miramar Air Show

October 1-2 Rocky Mountain Air Show
October 8-9 San Francisco Fleet Week
October 15-16 Star Spangled Spectacular
October 22-23 Wings Over Houston
October 29-30 NAS Patuxent River Air Expo

November 5-6 Birthplace of the Blue Angels Air Show
November 11-12 Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show

41 Responses

  1. Cathy

    What time are the air shows during the Evansville Freedom Festival?

  2. Erven

    While a student at NAS Pensacola, (1965) it was thrilling to watch you train in the F-4. Lookinf forward to the Oregon show in July.

  3. sharon`

    come back to Ocean City Md. WE all loved you, your great. wishful thinking for next year but see schedule is totally booked.

  4. Renee Colemam

    Is there an admissions charge for the Pensacola Air Show on July 11, 2015. We previously had a grandson from Colorado visiting one year and took him to the practice of the PAS. This year we have grandsons visiting from Atlanta and plan to take them to the show 7/11/15 so need to know about tickets/admission. Thanks!

    • RyanS

      I asked around and it sounds like the show is free, but it gets crowded early in the day. There may be some premium paid seating available but I’m afraid I don’t have any more info than that. Enjoy the show!

  5. Jennifer

    Can you please Where’s the airshow at in Pensacola on july,11th? We’re going to make the 3HR drive in the morning. Can we bring a cooler snacks and drinks for kids & lawn chairs or can you give some ideas of what we can bring please?

    • RyanS

      The airshow is over the water at the beach. I have heard that show center is near the pier. Information is hard to come by but I would assume that most things you can normally bring to the beach are allowed, such as chairs and coolers.

  6. Larraine

    Which day and time will the Blue Angels take flight at the Thunder Over Michigan Show?

    • RyanS

      The Blue Angels will practice on Thursday and Friday, and perform on Saturday and Sunday. I imagine they will perform around 3 or 4pm.

    • RyanS

      Sometime in the later afternoon, likely starting between 3pm and 4pm.

  7. Destiny Nieto

    I am wanting to go to the one in ventura, ca. Do i have to buy tickets or pay there? Or is there a website for tickets. Please let me know. Planning a surprise for my fiance. Thank u

  8. Christy Ferrer-Nezet

    What time does the show start at Miramar CA? What can we bring as for drinks and food and what should we bring as in chairs etc. Are we in plan sun?

  9. Bernadette Bezara

    Saw the A.C. Airshow for the first time last week. I was so impressed I was checking the schedule so I could find somewhere close to home so I could see it again. No such luck. I live in Phila. So I looked at 2016 and the Blue Angels aren’t even scheduled for Atlantic City next year. I am so disappointed. I hope there is a change.

  10. Ivy

    Wasn’t that show terrific??? We were there too. We were at the “Playground Area” on the deck at the end of the shops at Ceasars. Great place to see it—. I don’t see NJ on the 2016. I see Brooklyn, but no NJ.

  11. connie ernst

    what time is the show and where is it at on the 24th and 25t of October

  12. mark reed

    Always a godsend, truly a blessed event from above. Take care God Bless The Blue Angeles!

  13. David Taylor

    We love you. We look forward to your appearance at the Air shows in our area.

  14. Rex Bagley

    Blue Angels schedule says Rocky Mountain Air Show 1-2 Oct. Rocky Mountain website says USAF Thunderbirds. Which is it??

  15. Ron Coles

    Really waiting for the airshow to come back to the Wilkes Barre / Scranton Airport it has not been the same without it. Very upsetting with all the kids growing up and parents having to drive out of their way for hours to see an airshow when the airport is right here and the airshow was unbelievable. I know my kids really want to see 1 along with alot of other parents and never have being how far away most are. It’s just disturbing and not right to take that away from everyone that lives right here in this area and looked forward to it every year but has never come back.

  16. Debra Bowen

    I am interested in going to one of these amazing air shows in March at the Smokey Mountains in Knoxville, TN. Inquiring about cost for tickets for this air show.

    Thank you for your time and attention in this inquiry.

    Debra Bowen

  17. demetrius pone

    Is it true that the blue angels are coming to Mather field on September 24-25 at the California Capitol airshow??

  18. Patsy Gee

    Could you please tell me what type of plane you will be flying at the Smokey Mountain Airshow? My son is a pilot, and when I told him it looked like an older type of plane, we have since been trying to find out what kind? From the time he could talk, Airplanes, jets, helicopters, as long as it is a type of flying transportation, he’s interested! He has retired from the Texas Highway Patrol,(planes & helicopters), flew for awhile in Hawaii, most recently a medical helicopter, and now back to Blue Hawaiian the end of the month. I want to see them before they leave for Hawaii, and I think your performances will get them here! Please answer my request…….

  19. Greg Dally

    Portland Ore. is one place that really feels left out when the Angels don’t show. Please schedule the Portland Rose Festival Air Show when possible. It’s the only aircraft show that demonstrates military hardware for the Pacific N.W. Seafair is scheduled each year, but it is getting way too many crowds. Portland needs and LOVES you! The Hillsboro Ore. area is where a LOT of military recruits come from. You need to keep the visibility active for our mighty military…….Thanks for all you do…..

  20. Bob Brandt

    Really glad the air show has returned to Cape Cod. It’s the most organized and perfect location for the show.

  21. Janet Adams

    I am so very sorry for the accident that took the life of Capt.Cuff today. My heart is broken for his family and colleagues and the rest of his team.
    May God’s grace and love hold you all in His arms through this deep deep pain.

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