[UPDATED] Breaking: Two Parachutists Injured At Chicago Air And Water Show

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UPDATE: There is still not much information available, but speculation is that the jumpers may have collided in mid-air. This would explain both injuries as well as the apparent unconscious state of the jumper that hit the building.

One of the injured jumpers at the Chicago air and Water Show 2015
Source: WGNtv.com

This photo posted by WGNtv.com shows a jumper, identified in the article as a Golden Knight, approaching a building while under an all white canopy. Gwen O’Brien, a witness, is quoted as saying that the jumper had a problem and had to use a reserve parachute. The Golden Knights are known to use all white reserve canopies, and the extra altitude lost while deploying it could explain at least in part why the jumper was so far into the city and away from the beach landing zone.

Both jumpers were transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The Golden Knight is in critical condition and may be in surgery at this time. The Leap Frog’s condition is not considered critical.

ORIGINAL POST: We have received preliminary reports that two parachutists have been involved in incidents during the Chicago Air and Water Show this morning. One is confirmed to be a member of the US Navy Leap Frogs, but it is not known which team the other belongs to. Early indications are that it is a US Army Golden Knight. The two teams were scheduled to perform together, hence the confusion.

At approximately 11:00 a.m., a parachutist described with having a golden parachute crashed into a roof near 1400 Lake Shore Drive before falling to the ground. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, a witness stated “His legs caught the tip of the roof, and then he fell over. It was horrible.” “If he was only one foot closer to the roof, the maintenance guy could’ve grabbed him.” Some are saying that the parachutist appeared unconscious as he hit the roof.

Parachute Incident Scene - Chicago Air and Water Show 2015Photo by Marwa Eltagouri, Chicago Tribune

The incident with a member of the US Navy Leap Frogs also occurred on landing and resulted in the parachutist being treated and taken to a medical center at Northwestern University. Early reports indicate a broken leg.

No firm details on either injury are currently available but are being listed as serious-to-critical condition.

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