EAA Announces F-35 Lightning II And F-100 Super Sabre Appearances At AirVenture 2015

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F-35 Lightning II/JSF

The excitement for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 continues to build! On top of recent additions, EAA announced today that AirVenture will feature both a USAF F-35A Lightning II (aka the JSF) and an F-100 Super Sabre! This will be the first visit to AirVenture for both aircraft types. In fact, this will be the first F-35 appearance at any US civilian airshow!

The F-35 is just entering service, but the various versions of it have been making a few appearances at airshows, beginning with a fly-past of the 2011 Joint Services Open House at Joint Base Andrews. No word yet on whether this aircraft will perform during the show or not, but there have been several F-35 ‘mini demos’ performed in the last year or so, so it is a possibility.

The F-100 is owned by Dean Cutshall and is based in Fort Wayne, IN. This rare warbird has made only periodic airshow appearances in recent years and is a major draw where ever it goes. According to the press release, the aircraft will fly in at least some of the warbird segments, so be ready for the trademark BOOM of the afterburner!

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