No Injuries After Minor Mid-Air Incident at Tuscaloosa Air Show

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Team Aerodynamix - Tuscaloosa Air Show
Source: Lt. Andy Norris via Facebook

Two aircraft from Team Aerodynamix were involved in a minor incident at the Tuscaloosa Air Show on Sunday, and we are happy to report that no one was injured. The incident occurred around 1:20 pm, when the propeller of one aircraft struck the fuselage of another aircraft in the formation, causing the propeller to break apart. Both aircraft were able to land at the airport immediately following the collision and the airshow resumed after a short stoppage. The FAA has announced that it is investigating the incident.

Team Aerodynamix, formerly known as Team RV, is a civilian team known for large formations of the popular RV-series of homebuilt experimental aircraft. During the performance the 11 aircraft of the team split into several smaller formations to perform aerobatics and other maneuvers. It has not been reported what maneuvers were being flown when the contact occurred. The team has gone into a safety stand down in order to explore what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. Last year, the team had to cancel its appearance at the Rockford AirFest after another mid-air incident prompted a safety stand down just prior to the show.

We hope that the team can identify and resolve any issues before their next scheduled appearance at the Thunder Over Louisville airshow in mid-April.

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