US Navy Blue Angels 2016 Airshow Schedules Released

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US Navy Blue Angels - Double Farvel

Here is the 2016 airshow schedule for the United States Navy Blue Angels! Will you see them in 2016? Let us know! Post on our Facebook page and make sure you share pictures after the show!

2016 Appearance Schedule
Updated 9/20/16 – Latest updates are in bold

March 12: NAF El Centro, CA
March 19-20: Lancaster, CA

April 2-3: NAS Key West, FL
April 9-10: NAS Kingsville, TX
April 16-17: Knoxville, TN
April 23-24: NAS Forth Worth JRB, TX
April 30-May 1: MCAS Cherry Point, NC

May 7-8: Lincoln, NE
May 14-15: St Louis, MO
May 21-22: Lynchburg, VA
May 25: US Naval Academy, MD
May 27: US Naval Academy, MD
May 28-29: Wantagh, NY

June 4-5: Smyrna, TN
June 11-12: Syracuse, NY
June 18-19: Dayton, OH
June 25-26: Vero Beach, FL

July 2-4: Traverse City, MI
July 9-10: Gary, IN
July 16: Pensacola Beach, FL
July 23-24: Sioux Falls, SD
July 30-31: JB Elmendorf, Anchorage, AK

August 6-7: Seattle, WA
August 20-21: TBD
August 27-28: TBD

September 3-5: Cleveland, OH
September 10-11: NAS Oceana, VA
September 17-18: Reno, NV
September 24-25: MCAS Miramar, CA

October 1-2: Sacramento, CA
October 8-9: San Francisco, CA
October 15-16: Baltimore, MD
October 22-23: Houston, TX
October 29-30: NAS Patuxent River, MD

November 5-6: Jacksonville Beach, FL
November 11-12: NAS Pensacola, FL

2017 Appearance Schedule

The 2017 dates were released on a preliminary basis and some are no longer accurate. Please see the updated schedule that was released more recently: US Navy Blue Angels 2017/2018 Airshow Schedules Released

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    • Sharleen

      Tickets are not required for the air shows. Now, this is from my personal experience. I have been to their shows in several places. We never needed tickets. But, you need to get there as early as possible. They draw incredible crowds at every show. It is something that you will never forget. Enjoy the show!

      • RyanS

        Not all airshows are free. Airshows at military bases are, and some other shows may choose to allow free admission, but many sell tickets even for general admission.

        You’re right though, getting there early is important to avoid traffic and get the best seats!

  1. Uncle Gus and Aunt Mariln

    We should be seeing you this summer, Will try to get Grandma to Soo Falls

  2. June

    They are not the same as the Navy’s Blue Angels web site. Which is correct?

    • RyanS

      They look the same to me. Are you maybe looking at the wrong year? Both 2016 and 2017 dates are included.

    • RyanS

      That PDF version is inaccurate. If you look at the non-PDF version at the link below, it shows April 2-3, which matches our post and is also a weekend.

      You can also go to the Key West show’s website, and see that it is April 2-3.

      However, since the Blues practice on Fridays before the show, they will actually perform a demonstration on all three days (April 1-3), with some extra flying on Thursday as well. The weekday activities will likely not be open to the public but should be visible from off-base.

  3. Jim Spencer

    According to this schedule they will be in Lynchburg, VA on 21 and 22 May. According to the Westmoreland County Air Show they have agreed to appear there on those days. Which is it ?

    • RyanS

      I cannot find any mention of Latrobe/Westmoreland County hosting the Blue Angels in 2016. The schedule lists Lynchburg, and I expect the team to perform there until they announce otherwise. Latrobe is on the team’s 2017 schedule, however.

    • Shawn d

      There is a show in brunswick main. Its not that far from where i am idk about you

  4. Diana

    California Capital Airshow just announced (on February 22, 2016) that they will have the Blue Angels on October 1-2. Just an FYI that as of today, this schedule may not be correct.

    • RyanS

      Thanks Diana! We heard the news also and have updated the schedule to reflect the change!

  5. Mo Reilly

    I tried to purchase 9 tickets for June 25 air show in Vero Beach and it timed
    Out before I could finish… Is there a land line I can call

  6. Beverly Pingenot

    Please send me information on the VA Beach
    Air Show for 2016.

  7. Nikitha

    How to purchase tickets for the Air show in Annapolis, MD on May 25 2016.

  8. damien

    Heading over from Australia in September / October, i have 2 questions.The options i have are San Diego and San Francisco, are these airshows or are they doing a show at an event etc ? And coming from down under how do i get tickets ?

    • RyanS

      Both of those are airshows with a full performance by the team each day. MCAS Miramar is a military air base and the show is a very traditional one on the airfield. General admission is free, although upgraded tickets are surely available for purchase.

      San Francisco is a bit different as the show is held over the bay as part of Fleet Week, a large festival celebrating the Navy. The airshow is only a part of the festivities. You can watch from a spot on the waterfront for free or purchase premium tickets.

      More information on both shows can be found on their websites, just do a quick google search. I have not personally been to either but I would probably suggest Miramar as the on-field experience is usually better than an over-water one, and there will be more military performances during the show such as the Marine Air-Ground Task Force, which is pretty well known for being awesome.

      Enjoy your stay!

  9. Dave Ludwig

    How do I get tickets to the April 23-24: NAS Forth Worth JRB, TX airshow?

  10. John Malouf

    It’s been many years since the Blue Angles had an air show in the New England area. We see many shows in Florida, Texas and California. Why not here in New England??????

    • Rod D

      John Malouf, you’ve missed some recent shows: 2015, Brunswick Maine; 2011 and 2013, Portsmouth, NH (Thunderbirds have been in Portsmouth on the off years).

      • Rod D

        Almost forgot, a few shows in Rhode Island in recent years. (BTW, this site doesn’t let people type in the letter that sounds like “eye”!!!!)

        • RyanS

          Sure it does, I’m typing it right now! Might be an issue with your browser. Thanks for pointing those out though.

        • RyanS

          Ah I see what you mean! I just updated some files, let’s see if this works.

    • Chrissy

      They just did a show last summer (2015) in Massachusetts at Westover AFB, and one in Rhode Island.

  11. Mick

    Just wondering if the Blues ever perform out side the US?have they ever been down under(Australia)or any plans to do so in the future?

    • RyanS

      I don’t know whether they have been to Australia specifically before, but both the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds do international tours from time to time, every few years it seems like. With the recent budget cuts there has been a heavier focus on performing in the US instead of abroad, though.

      There are no published plans for any trips to Australia, the earliest they could appear there would be 2018 for the Blue Angles and 2017 for the Thunderbirds.

  12. Jenean

    I’m so excited for this announcement of a show in Millville NJ May 27-28 2017. I remember seeing this show when I was a young girl now I’m excited to take my boys. When and how can I purchase tickets?

  13. Manon

    when you come in canada? and where? whick please it’s closer montreal?

    • RyanS

      As you can see above, there are no current plans for the team to perform in Canada.

  14. Marcus Jones

    I’m living 20 minutes from LNAS, California…. I was wondering why, with Lemoore, being one of a strategic base in central Cali, why the Angels don’t perform here as they used too?? Last show I believe was 2010.

  15. Pedro green

    Ya hace varios años que no viene el show a meridian ms cuando regresara a meridian

  16. Shannon

    How do I get tickets to either of the shows at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. I didn’t see anywhere on the Blue Angels site where I could buy tickets.

    • RyanS

      Tickets are handled by each event individually, not the team. I am afraid I’m not sure how tickets work for the shows in Annapolis. I would bet they perform over campus and anyone in the right spot can watch for free.

      • Joe H

        Indeed yes, the show in Annapolis is free and the entire city stops to watch it. There are many vantage spots but the best is the athletic fields at the Naval Academy. Center point is in front of the Nimitz Library over the Severn River. Public is allowed to walk onto the grounds but have photo ID and be prepared for a huge crowd.

      • Joe H

        PS – The performance scheduled for Wednesday, May 25 is the one to see. The one on the schedule for Friday May, 27 is a single flyover of the Naval Academy Graduation ceremony.

  17. Maria

    When will tickets be available for the Aug. 27-28, 2016 show at the Pocono Raceway?

  18. Danielle Liberio

    The Blue Angels use to come to Fort Lauderdale, Florida every year and a major turnout in Fort Lauderdale. How come we haven’t seen you here since 2007? Are you planning to come here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and if so, when? Please, if you are not coming would you please come to Fort Lauderdale. We really miss you and Love, Love ,Love your performances. Thanks

  19. Deneese

    I live in the Ft Bennington, GA community. We have an air show in Columbus, GA every April. It would be really nice to have y’all here since this is a military community. Hint. Hint.

  20. Deneese

    I live in the Ft Benning, GA community. We have an air show in Columbus, GA every April. It would be really nice to have y’all here since this is a military community. Hint. Hint.

  21. Beth

    I live on pensacola beach and was wondering why the blues are only flying one day.

  22. Jennifer Mendoza

    Where in Houston TX is the air show going to be at on Oct 21-22? I want to get a hotel close by that weekend.

  23. Carol Spess

    When are they going to perform in wilkes barre scranton Avoca airport again? That would be nice to see.

  24. Tom

    Got enough shows in Florida and California for this year AND next year? What about the other states? Psh…

  25. rl chapman

    You are not listed for Tuscaloosa Alabama In 2016… why we want you here.


    My family is going to the preformance on June 26th in vero. We can’t wait. Everyone does a great job, and an honor to watch.

  27. Charles Stearns

    When are you coming back to Schenectady County Airport, in upper New York, You were here many years ago and we loved you.

  28. shelley cohen

    What happend to the cape cod air show in August that was planned?

  29. David H. Milliken

    Why have the Blue Angels never visited the largest civilian airshow in the country at Oshkosh? Talk about a huge family of aviation enthusiasts and their children to impress with amazing Naval aviators & aviation! And this is from a former AF member and current AF DOD employee.

    • RyanS

      They have visited, but they have never performed due to unique airspace restrictions at Oshkosh. The Thunderbirds had not performed a full show there either until 2014, when the event established a temporary crowd line to allow for an adequately-sized aerobatic box. This year the Canadian Force Snowbirds will be performing, and in 2017 the Blues will perform there for the first time.

  30. Savoie Spencer

    That TBD in August would be great in Beaufort, SC. Just sayin. 😉 Instead of waiting until April 2017…

  31. Adam G

    according to both schedules, the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds are coming to Scott Air force Base

  32. John Duerrwaechter

    When will the Blues be coming to Billings Montana

  33. Frank Murphy

    What time on May 25th IN Annapolis/Bay will the flights begin?

  34. Julie Alspaugh

    What are the times of the air show in MD Naval Base?

  35. Jennifer Lorenz

    Went today in St.Louis. it was amazing. Can’t wait to see them again.

  36. Ruth

    Wasn’t able to go to the show this weekend in Chesterfield (St. Louis) but our offices are close to the airport so was able to watch them practice on Thursday & Friday. They have the coolest job ever!

  37. Mark

    Used to see them regularly at the Reading (PA) Airshow as a kid. I live in Lakehurst (NJ) now, and haven’t seen them in over 30 years. But I’ve been listening to them, and watching them practice all morning (May 17, 2016) this morning. Would dearly love to see their show again, but it looks like they’re not performing anywhere in NJ this year. Damn.

  38. saad

    I like and respect the blue angeles for their organization and tight maneuvours and music proction of their films

  39. Rosina

    Please come as close to New York if possible I’m in Staten Island ny haven’t seen a show in years

    • Nick Micaletti Brooklyn NY

      Ditto!! Miss the Brooklyn NY performances.. Tip my hat to the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds..

  40. Big_Cadillac

    It’s pretty much the same schedule, with minor differences if performers, at every Blue Angels air show.

  41. Corey

    They should come to utah!! There isn’t anywhere close for people in NV, AZ, and NM! Utah would be perfect!

  42. Crystal Hernandez

    Please come back to Indiana my kids love to watch you all and so do I.

  43. Val

    I am so happy to see that the Blue Angels will be in New Orleans,La. At the Belle Chasse Air Force Station in April 2017. I love this air show they do such and awesome job I am so proud of you and all that you do for the United States of America may God bless and keep you. Keep doing what you do you are so amazing I miss you guys being here cuz I’m going to bring my grandkids to see what the future holds for them anything in life is possible. I don’t know why I cry everytime I come to see the show its just so amazing to watch the skills and the technique that you guys put into your performance be safe out there when you flying and know that God loves you along with the people of the world. Hope to see you in April

  44. Amy Hall

    Loved seeing you in Saint Joseph, MO years ago. It is an amazing show. Please come back. I want my son to get to see you. You are so talent & have my utmost respect. Stay safe.

  45. sharon

    are the pocono raceway dates of august 27 and 28 correct? thought they might be there for the race on august 20/21? but those dates still say TBD…

    • Linda

      I’m wondering about that date also, but the Pocono race is July 31st, not in August.

    • Celeste

      Hi. I just found out that August 20-21, 2016 the US Navy Blue Angels will be in Ypsilanti, MI.

      • Mike

        Celeste, where did u find out that blue angels are coming to ypsilanti mi aug 20-21??

  46. John Nilsen

    Are you guys ever coming back to McDill AFB? Navy vet wanting to show you off to my grandkids.

    • Jermon

      Bro pls show up in bc pls we had the thunderbirds for 2 yrs pls come back blue angles

  47. Anne green

    It’s been since 2014 since the blue angel’s came to utah. On the schedule for 2016/17, they are not appearing either. When will they be coming back?

  48. Timothy

    Come to Altus AFB,Oklahoma ,I am tiered of the Thunderbirds or Sheppard AFB Texas

  49. Barbara Spradlin

    When are they coming to AR. We was t to see them too.

  50. Fr. John Delaney

    Just flew over South Bend, IN this afternoon. Quite impressive! Must have been coming back from Traverse City area over the 4th.

  51. Linda

    Thunderbirds regularly come to the midwest….Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, but we havent seen the Blue Angels in a long while. Why??

  52. Christine Riley

    When can we get tickets for Milwaukee,WI , July16-17, 2017 ?

  53. Asv

    We just had the blue angels at the museum of flight Seattle! Always an exciting time love them!

  54. Nancy Hesser

    I thought the blue Angels were coming to the pocono raceway the weekend of August 27th and 28th. What happened? They r no longer scheduled.

  55. paul townsend

    i thought that you were going to be in ma this year. i did not see you now for even next year,we would love to see you in otis at cape cod. hope to see you soon

  56. charles tavis

    yeah we found out yesterday after the ypisilanti air show they will be here in sept 2017

  57. Patty Lowrey

    Looking forward to seeing them April 1-2, 2017 at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas.

  58. Retta

    I absolutely love the Blue Angels and I cannot wait to see them in October!

  59. Hope havanas

    We are in Virginia Beach September 10th. When does the air show start? What time on Friday?

  60. Mary Ann

    Please,please, please come back to
    St George, Utah. It is the highlight to my family’s summer

  61. Michella McLemore

    While vacationing with my son, for his graduation trip, we saw a crashed blue angel plane going down I-25 in Fort Collins Colorado heading towards Wyoming & we have been wondering ever since if it was possibly Kuss’ plane, since we were in his home state, or what the story is behind this jet. It was breathtaking yet very sad at the same time.

    • RyanS

      You don’t have to feel too badly, I’m thinking you actually saw the retired aircraft that was trucked cross-country to a museum for display!


    Always the very best shows. Unbeleivable what these pilots can do.Glad they are in SAN DIEGO again this weekend. Sept 24 & 25. 2016. Thanks for the great job and so much fun snd excitement to be at the shows.

  63. Jeff Markussen

    I was at this weekend’s Mira mar Blue Angels show but notice schedule for San Diego are they moving the air show?

  64. Michele Bucey

    Will the Blue Angels practice over Baltimore’s Harbor on Thursday or Friday, October 13th or 14th prior to their appearance at the Maryland Fleet Week Air Show on October 15th & 16thth?

    I would like to bring the residents from the Maryland Masonic Homes to see the practice. Due to their physical limitations, the residents will not be able to participate in the Saturday and Sunday Baltimore Harbor events.

    • RyanS

      Thursday should see the team perform their “circles and arrivals” flight earlier in the day followed by a break and then a practice demonstration in the afternoon. On Friday afternoon they should definitely perform a demonstration as well. I’m not familiar with that show or location, so I can’t give specifics. This is based purely on their typical schedule, but if I were in the area it’s what I’d plan on!

      • Jim H.

        Do you or does anyone know of a definitive source for information on this, or is it kept low key intentionally. Can’t say I’d blame them if they did. The only reason I am looking is because of friend of mine told me they always practice beforehand in Annapolis for the gradation show. I also assume weather will be a big factor. I would almost bet on a Friday practice, but was feeling iffy about Thursday, but given what you have said.. it might be worth a drive down and hang out for a bit. Thanks!!!

        • RyanS

          It isn’t much of a secret, but the shows generally want people to buy tickets for the weekend, not try to watch for free during practice. I think just no one thinks to ask about or mention the practices, usually. The schedule I outlined is typical of most airshow weekends but certain events or circumstances can alter it.

          Any demonstration flying will have a TFR in effect, and that TFR will have start and end times (it is not necessarily just for the Blues so it may be all day long) noted on the FAA’s website. Your best bet to verify practices would be to look up the TFRs for the area. Make sure you convert the time, given in Zulu, to local time!

        • jim harrison

          Ryan – Thank you so much for the explanation. I really did not expect to get a reply from a page I knew nothing about. And I learned a new acronym – another useful piece of information.

          Selling tickets is not an issue for this sho . It is free, city-wide for the Navy Fleet Week – a huge gathering in Baltimore’s inner harbor. Same goes for Annapolis. Looks like I will be heading south this afternoon for a look. Thanks!!!!

      • Dave D

        Thanks. I’ll be in town only on Friday (can’t stay for the weekend) and it will be nice to hopefully see them practicing in the afternoon! They typically keep the same show schedules for practices don’t they?

        • RyanS

          The jet teams do their best to practice at the same time they’ll perform, yes. Hope it works out!

  65. Sean

    Any idea why the Blue Angels will be at Talladega for 2 days next September? There’s nothing race-related going on that weekend. I contacted the front office at Talladega and they couldn’t tell me anything. Maybe you guys know something I don’t. Please advise.

    • RyanS

      As far as we know, there is an airshow in the works for that weekend. It would be held over the track, but not tied in with any auto racing.

  66. Jeremy nguyen

    You guys should do a show at will rogers airport oklahoma my wife has not seen You guys .

  67. Mitzi Jones

    Any idea what time blue angels will be flying over nicks fish house on Sat Oct 15th. Thanks

  68. Stephanie Bell

    My family and I noticed on the news this evening rhat the Blue Angels had stopped at the Tulsa, OK International Airport for refueling. I looked to see when the Blue Angels wpuld be scheduled in or near our area and to our disappointment discovered nothing on the schedule for 2016 and 2017.
    Please consider stopping for more than just a pit stop in the Tulsa area
    Thank You.

        • RyanS

          From the link posted….

          The Air Show on October 15 and 16, 2016 will feature precision flight demonstrations from the US Navy, US Air Force, US Coast Guard, Royal Canadian Air Force, Geico Skytypers, Scott Francis Airshows, and more over a two-and-a-half-hour period between approximately 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. over Fort McHenry. The finale is a 45-minute demonstration by the Blue Angels.

  69. Dean

    What is going on with the Oct. 29th & 30th show? I don’t understand why it shows a line going through it, like its been cancelled?

    • Cynthia Garza

      WTF: We have Threel Miltary Base in San Antonio, Tx. We CAN NOT HOST AN AIR SHOW! …HOUSTON. …WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

  70. Terri Schram

    I am a disabled woman of 65 yrs. old. I paint on rocks for therapy. I painted a blue angel on a rock. I would like to give a gift of blue angels painted on rocks to the Blue Angels. I live in Vancouver, WA. How would I go about getting this gift to them? I realize there are security issues. Would this be feasible? I also write phrases on the back of the rocks, such as: you are protected; Bless you, etc.

    • Shery

      Terri…. I work for Navy League in Pensacola…. I could drop it off to them if you like. Drop me a line …. Or give us a call

  71. Elizabeth

    Love you guys!!! I got so excited to see you flying in Baltimore for Fleet week!

  72. Karen miller

    I live in Stuart fl would love to see the Blue Angels perform here. Our air show is here in Stuart today! I please come LOVE the Blue Angels !!!

  73. Karen miller

    I wouldn’t miss the air show if you were performing! I could watch you from my back yard please come to Stuart

  74. Pam Riisager

    Love to watch the Angels practice at their winter home of El Centro, Ca. And ready for their 2017 show season. What month do they return to El Centro to start practicing for their March 11 show?

  75. Eileen Almeida

    Blue sorry for your loss… when will you return to New England-Quanset, RI? LOVE MY BLUE ANGELS~!!!

  76. Jimmy Marcos

    My 18 year old daughter is a pilot and is considering the Naval academy or the DC National air guard F-16 program. How would I get her an autographed picture from the Blue Angels, which she grew up watching here in Annapolis Md.? I would be glad to pay any fee’s and it would be a huge Christmas present and motivator for her! Her Name is Miranda.

  77. Wes Bell

    I have always admired the beauty and precision of the Blue Angels. My father, Bob Bell flew slot for the Thunderbirds 1960-62 and appeared on the Tonight Show after flying Johnny Carson in a two-seater for an entire practice air show. He was killed in Vietnam just a few years later. My oldest son, Jared, recently made Navy Chief, and my youngest son, Kyle is an F-16 pilot.
    Would it be possible to get an autographed photo from the team or at least one of the big photos used for that purpose, that I could then get signed at one of the air shows?
    Thank you so much for your consideration.

  78. Wes Bell

    Incidentally, my dad, Bob Bell, was a 1952 Naval Academy graduate who joined the Air Force after graduation. After flying with the Thunderbirds, he served on exchange command with the Navy where he flew F-8’s from the USS Oriskany when he lost his life in Vietnam.

  79. Donald Coggin

    I loved you show in Lynchburg Virginia .I can’t wait to see you guys in Goldsboro NC next year . I hope and pray for you guys to be safe and have fun . God speed .

  80. Dan daly

    Always great to see the blues.I saw them perform as a 10 yr old in dubuque,IA in 1960.after that numerous times while in the Navy being assigned to a f4 squadron during the Vietnam era.I was as impressed in 2015 as 1960.I still smile!!!

  81. Andy Thompson

    We are making plans to attend the show at the Talladega Super Speedway in September. We saw you all last summer awesome show.

  82. Mark

    I have seen two different sate for the show in Lincoln, Al. Is it September 9-10 or September 16-17?

  83. Jan

    I’m interested in the show in Belle Chase La April 22and 23- can u tell me the schedule foe the 23!! I can only make that day ! THANKU

  84. Shari Nelson

    Where to buy tickets for Blue Angels at Talledega Air Show Sept 9-10, 2017?

    • RyanS

      The website isn’t live yet, I would do a Google search for it periodically and see when they put it up

    • RyanS

      Each show is run by a different organization and has different policies. You will have to Google your local airshow and see what their website says.

  85. Dorothy jackson

    I am looking to attend the the air show in Shreveport L.A at barkdeal this year 2017 showing I would love to no the dates

  86. Christine Wilson

    My parents took me to my first Airshow when I was a baby and It surprised everyone in my family I didn’t cry from the noise I just smiled and couldn’t stop staring at the sky. Till this day I never miss an Airshow especially if The Blue Angels are headlining except last summer when I had a heart attack. It was very difficult for me to miss the show as I look forward to it all year. I swear, I am 41 and still act like a kid when the Angels put on their show. I had a really ruff year and looked forward to hopefully catching the Angels this year. However, I notice the weekend of August 28th (which is also my Birthday)on the Blue Angels schedule is TBT and I live by Selfridge ANG and would love if they can schedule their show there. Its not that I don’t enjoy the Thunderbirds cause I do. I just love my Navy Blue Angels. Go Navy!

    • RyanS

      You are looking at the 2016 dates. The USAF Thunderbirds will be performing at Selfridge this August, and the Blue Angels will perform at Thunder Over Michigan in Ypsilanti on Labor Day weekend. You can see both!

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