Wings Over Wasaga Airshow (Wasaga Beach, ON) Cancels For 2015

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Canadian Forces Snowbirds

The 2015 Wings Over Wasaga airshow, scheduled for July 4-5 in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, has been canceled. The announcement was made in a press release distributed today by the organizing committee. In the release, committee co-chair Martin Campbell explained that “Despite the best efforts of many hardworking people it has become apparent that we will not meet all the requirements to ensure the successful, world class airshow we had planned.”

In an interview with the Enterprise Bulletin, Campbell said a lack of sponsorship funds and early planning was a large player in the decision to cancel.

“We had a whole bunch of people doing a whole bunch of work, but I guess the real reason is that we came up short with sponsors,” Campbell said. “It’s basically all about the money. I mean there’s other minor things people will say caused or didn’t cause it, but then again you get that in any organization and people who don’t know what they’re talking about.”

The CF-18 Hornet Demo Team and the Canadian Forces Snowbirds were scheduled to perform at the show. At this time, neither team has announced any plans to perform elsewhere during the weekend. Several US shows are being held in the Midwest that weekend and they may pursue one or both of the teams, although the short time frame will make it very difficult to reach an agreement in time.

It has not been a good year for Ontario airshow fans; just five weeks ago, the show in Waterloo, ON also canceled. While the WOW show won’t go on this year, organizers are hopeful to see the show takeoff in the future. They are working with a number of “interested parties” to select a new date for 2016.

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