Patrouille de France To Perform In The United States In 2017

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Patrouille de France in the United States
The Patrouille de France, France’s aerobatic jet team and equivalent to the US Navy Blue Angels and US Air Force Thunderbirds, will perform in the United States in early 2017. Plans are currently in place for only one or two shows, though we certainly hope more are added.

As of now, the only confirmed show for the team will be the Melbourne Air and Space Show, April 1-2nd 2017 at the Melbourne International Airport in Florida. We have heard rumors of a planned show in the central United States, but as of the writing of this post, AirshowStuff has not confirmed that rumor.

The team performs with eight Alpha Jets, a light attack and advanced trainer aircraft co-manufactured by Dassault Aviation of France and Dornier Flugzeugwerke of Germany. Their display involves both formation and solo maneuvers. Based at Salon Air Force Base in France, the team utilizes red, white and blue smoke in their 30 minute show.

The last time the team performed publicly in the United States was 1986, when they flew over New York City and then performed at Coney Island. In 2009, the team performed a flyover of the Yorktown Battlefield Monument in Yorktown, VA to commemorate the Battle of Yorktown anniversary. They also performed at an airshow in Quebec, Canada during that tour, but did not stop at any US airshows.

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  1. Doc Ward

    It is a rarity to see this team. I highly recommend getting as many pictures as you can get of such a never before seen in the United States team. Mighty fine of what you could get of the Patrouille De France

  2. Demetrius pone

    I wish they would come back to travis air force base. I last saw them in 1986

  3. Brian Edwards

    They are coming to Kansas City, Mo. April 6 to perform at the WWI museum

  4. Kenny

    I saw them last weekend at Maxwell AFB, Al along with the Thunderbirds. I had the responsibility of downloading and then uploading their cargo plane, the A400M.
    They put on a great show and we’re very friendly as well.

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