Rockford AirFest Suspended In 2017 And Beyond Despite Scheduled USAF Thunderbirds Appearance

US Air Force Thunderbirds - Rockford AirFest

Say goodbye to the Rockford AirFest. The event has been canceled in 2017 and beyond, thanks to new tenants at the airport. The move is surprising as the show had already landed a coveted appearance by the US Air Force Thunderbirds on June 3rd and 4th of next year. Mike Dunn, the Airport’s Executive Director, says that the airport has gotten too busy to shut down operations for the show weekend.

The show had faced troubles recently, and was canceled in 2016 after scheduling conflicts with the US Air Force F-22 Raptor demonstration team that was the headline the event. Two different US Navy Blue Angel appearances were also canceled in recent years, but it nevertheless remained a popular attraction since its start in 2005. Rockford did not appear on either the Blue Angel or Thunderbirds preliminary schedules for 2018, but may have landed the F-22 Raptor demonstration.

With Rockford throwing in the towel, that weekend will now open up for the Thunderbirds. The airshow in Duluth, MN will already host the Blue Angels and Canadian Forces Snowbirds on those same dates, and may make a play for the rare privilege of hosting all three North American jet teams. More likely, another show currently without a jet team will land the Thunderbirds by changing dates. Be sure to subscribe to this blog and follow our social media channels for further updates when they are available!

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  1. Ambrina Larson

    I am sad i loved airfest every year. Rockford takes everything away. We lost riverfront. Anything that brings good to the city they get rid of

    • Ambrina Larson

      Get rid of rock monkey rusks at speedway. Just a b.s. promotion for pothead and alcoholics anf not get busted because we all know security and cops dont do anything unless they see it ir actually care. Young at heart losses people coming to it each year move it to another weekend or lessen the days its open. Airfest should be there its family orientated

  2. Sandy Smith

    Its disheartening to hear that we have possibly lost Airfest for good. This had become a summer tradition for my family.
    Rockford needs good positive fun and entertainment but yet we all have to leave home to find it. No wonder we have become one of the worst cities in the country.. So sad…

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