US Navy Blue Angels 2017 Airshow Schedules Released

US Navy Blue Angels

Here is the 2017/2018 airshow schedule for the United States Navy Blue Angels! Will you see them in 2017? Let us know! Post on the AirshowStuff Facebook page and on our forums – and make sure you share pictures after the show!

2017 Appearance Schedule – US Navy Blue Angels

March 11: El Centro, CA
March 18-19: China Lake, CA
March 25-26: Brunswick, GA

April 1-2: NAS Corpus Christi, TX
April 8-9: Lakeland, FL
April 22-23: NAS New Orleans, LA
April 29-30: MCAS Beaufort, SC

May 6-7: Barksdale AFB, LA
May 13-14: Millington, TN
May 20-21: Seymour Johnson AFB, NC
May 24-26: Annapolis, MD
May 27-28: Millville, NJ

June 3-4: Duluth, MN
June 17-18: Ocean City, MD
June 24-25: Latrobe, PA

July 1-2: Stewart ANGB, NY
July 8: Pensacola Beach, FL
July 15-16: Milwaukee, WI
July 22-23: Idaho Falls, ID
July 29-30: Oshkosh, WI

August 5-6: Seattle, WA
August 19-20: Chicago, IL
August 26-27: Brunswick, ME

September 2-3: Ypsilanti, MI
September 9-10: Open/TBD
September 16-17: NAS Oceana, VA
September 23-24: MCAS Miramar CA
September 30-Oct. 1: Huntington Beach, CA

October 7-8: San Francisco, CA
October 21-22: Rome, GA
October 28-29: Fort Worth, TX

November 4-5: NAS Jacksonville, FL
November 11-12: NAS Pensacola, FL

Preliminary 2018 Appearance Schedule – US Navy Blue Angels

The 2018 schedule was released on a preliminary basis only. For an updated list of 2018 performances, see our more recent post: US Navy Blue Angels 2018 Airshow Schedule Released

133 Responses

      • John

        I am sure you get your share of the Air Force Thunderbirds with the Academy being in Colorado Springs.

        • Jim

          Thunderbirds are NOT the Blue Angles. They’re good, but it’s just a different feel and show. They used to preform in Grand Junction all the time, I grew up on them really miss it

  1. Sherri

    The date for their appearance in Brunswick, GA is incorrect on this page. On the Blue Angel’s website, it’s listed as March 25-26, 2017, but your page has March 28-29.

  2. Phil McCormack

    The Air Force team, THe Thunderbirds have come to Australia, when are you guys going to make the trip?

  3. Gigi

    A sad occasion last year in Smyrna,TN. However I don’t see a return date listed. Any idea when you may return? Anxiously awaiting.

  4. Lucia Lopez

    Good day. Wanted to know if I could get some help on how to get tickets to a Blue Angels air show. Thank you.
    Happy Holidays 🙂

    • RyanS

      Every airshow is a different event with its own ticket sales. You’ll have to find a show that you want to go to and google it to find out the specifics!

  5. Jim D

    Was so counting on the Reno show but I understand the tight schedule you have.
    Thank you

    • RyanS

      It varies wildly from show to show. Your best bet is to google the show you want to attend and find their website directly. Most shows offer ticket sales online.

  6. Carolyn

    So disappointed they’re not coming to Robins AFB for the 2017-18 season. It’s been nearly 20 years since they’ve been down this way.

  7. Cinde Thayer Iacovacci

    I’m excited to see them at the annual show at NAS Oceana in September, but even more excited to know we may be seeing them and meeting the pilots in Pensacola at a Marine reunion next year. When stationed at MCAS El Toro, my Dad flew on refuelers for the Angels, so now I’m digging for the photos!! It’s going to be an emotional show for me as I haven’t seen them since the last show my Dad took me to see.

  8. Shari

    My family and I really enjoyed watching the Blue Angles at China Lake, Ca. I just hope that it doesn’t take 20 years to see them again. Watchin the Blue Angels brought back many good memories from my childhood. Thank you again for coming to China Lake, CA!!!

  9. Thomas

    They are currently practicing and hasA a show saturday yet there is no listing on here for lancaster california

  10. john fackler

    Do you know where we can park a camper trailer to watch yall at Pensacola NAS on the 8th of July

  11. Cat

    Why are they not coming to KBay, Hawaii, this year? They were on the schedule but removed and the weekend is still open. No reason was ever given. I’d rather see the Angels and Fat Albert than the Birds any time.

  12. J

    Is there a charge and if so, how much. I’d like to try and make the Pensacola Beach show. Where exactly do spectators go for that show? Thanks!

    • William Clark

      Free show. Anywhere on the beach but the focal point is usually the giant Pensacola “beach ball” water tower. I go by boat, so it’s a better view but….. it’s really crowded. If you come by car, you will want to be there several hours early, as traffic is horrific. Also, FYI….. the practice show on Friday is an exact dress rehearsal for the main Saturday show. I go on Fridays, depending on weather and avoid about 30- 50 percent of the crowd…. but it’s still busy! Enjoy!

  13. Patti Hill

    How do I get tickets to the air show at Stewart ANGB, NY July 1 & 2, 2017???

  14. Mark

    How many times have Blue Angels performed at Ocean City Air Show? thank you

  15. Rick Johnson

    We were hoping they would come to Jacksonville,Ar we always enjoy their show, could you let us know when they may be coming Thanks Rick

  16. Theresa M Carter

    They will be coming to homestead,what will be the entrance fee

  17. Pamlia baker

    How can we get them to come back to Lemoore ca for the air show. And how can I get a flit with them my father unlaw he was in the navy and he has cancer and he would love to see the blue angels in person please if you can help us for him.Thank you.

  18. Debbie Ainsworth

    what time will the airshow be in NOLA on April 22nd? What time will they perform?

    • RyanS

      The gates open at 8am – I suggest getting there then or not long after as traffic will likely get quite bad at the day goes on. Flying will probably start around noon with the team performing sometime in the 3-4pm time frame.

  19. JACQUE W. Burchfield

    I’m planning to take my grandsons to see the Blue Angels at BARKSDALE AFB next month. Does anyone know what time the show will start?

  20. Debora Rouse

    Thanks Blue Angels for planning a trip to Milwaukee this year. I pray your entire weekend is not rained rained out, like your last trip here.

    Did you know that July 15th is my burthday? You didn’t have to arrange your trip around me! But, I’ll gladly accept the kind and thoughtful presents of your presence.

    Go Navy!

    PS. I’m still getting over your absence at the 2013 Commissioning at USNA, due to sequestration. This definitely helps!

  21. Debora Rouse

    Thanks Blue Angels for planning a trip to Milwaukee this year. I pray your entire weekend is not rained rained out, like your last trip here.

    Did you know that July 15th is my birthday? You didn’t have to arrange your trip around me! But, I’ll gladly accept the kind and thoughtful presents of your presence.

    Go Navy!

    PS. I’m still getting over your absence at the 2013 Commissioning at USNA, due to sequestration. This definitely helps!

  22. Debora Rouse

    Thanks Blue Angels for planning a trip to Milwaukee this year. I pray your entire weekend is not rained out, like your last trip here.

    Did you know that July 15th is my birthday? You didn’t have to arrange your trip around me! But, I’ll gladly accept the kind and thoughtful presents of your presence.

    Go Navy!

    PS. I’m still getting over your absence at the 2013 Commissioning at USNA, due to sequestration. This definitely helps!

  23. Trudi Learnahan

    Are the Blue Angels coming to Redding CA this year 2017? If so when

  24. Don Peters

    Do you need tickets for Homecoming Show?
    Will there be a practice that week

  25. AlexN.

    will they ever come to Europe or so ? I’m such a huge fan from Germany….the only country AirShows are still controversial >.<

  26. Cory

    How much are the tickets for the Air show at Seymour Johnson AFB in NC?

  27. Sandra

    Hi. Do we need tickets for the show in Millington, Tn. If so, how do we obtain them? Where exactly will it be? I can not find it published anywhere. It is advertised; however, the details are not published…

  28. Ash

    Annapolis is expected to get rain all this week ☹️ are the air shows rain or shine?

  29. JoAnne Schreiner

    Awesome, breathtaking, precision flying by America’s best in Millville, NJ. I am so proud to be an American and being represented by the Blue Angels team. It truly brought tears to my eyes knowing America produces men of such fine caliber to represent us in the air and on the ground. The only thing missing was a patriotic song blaring at the end of the show. Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American” would have fit the bill in my humble opinion. May God keep you safe.

    • Melissa R Cazassa

      I want to go tomm to the show. What time does it start ? Being id be driving from 2 hours away

  30. Deborah Thomas

    We have a lot of military here in New Mexico but never see the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds. So sad that NM gets passed by every time while other states have multiple visits. I live near Kirkland Air-force Base and at least I get to see the awesome jets fly over periodically. Five shows in CA 2017 and six shows in Florida 2018. Doesn’t seem fair.

    • Darren Moody


      The Thunderbirds were at Cannon last year, and they are coming back in 2018!
      May 26-27: Cannon AFB, New Mexico – “Cannon AFB Air Show Air Commandos on the High Plains”

      I live in ABQ as well, and yes, it’s a drive to Cannon, but having grown up in SoCal and gone followed the airshow circuit there (when there were more bases / shows), let me say the drive is so worth it! There is not a huge throng of people, and the crowds are manageable.

      Speaking of crowds, one has to look at populations of both FL and CA, that’s where the people are, and being a public relations tool, that’s where these teams need to perform. We just don’t have the population base here in NM! (I once went to an air show at Edwards in CA where more people were there at the show, than are in the entire metro ABQ area!!)


    I do not see a single date in either 2017 or 2018 for an appearance of the Blue Angels in the state of North Carolina! Why is that while other states get multiple visits? I want to take my grandchildren to witness the splendor of the Blue Angels, but it won’t happen if you won’t visit our state.

    Mary Paulson
    Greensboro, North Carolina

    • Sheila Lowe

      Yes – May 5 & 6 in Cherry Point, NC in 2018 schedule!

    • Amy Anderson

      May 201-21, 2017 Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

      The week before you posted this.

  32. Diana

    I alway love see them fly Want go this year in June in ocean city always wanted to go with my kids now that lost my first born it’s not going be the same

  33. James W.

    Will the Blue Angels fly on Friday, 7 July 2017 on Pensacola Beach?

  34. Richard Laskevitch

    I am a member of the civial air patrol and I try to make it too as many of the shows I can

  35. Amie Parker

    Loved the Blue Angels only once in Kansas City…..wish they would come back…..good luck Brandon Hempler a Navy Blue Angel pilot… dad is in Duluth Minnesota right now watching the Blue Angels.

  36. Mulepick

    Come to Vegas! There are too many Thunderbirds around here…

  37. Clint Boren

    It’s always been my dream to see the Navy Blue Angels on Pensacola Beach and this year I will be there! 21 more days! They come to Seattle every year for our annual Seafair Show. My main reason I am going down to Pensacola is to see my Dad who is 79, and does not have much time left. He was a parachute rigger in the Navy and traveled with the Blues, jumping out of planes entertaining the crowds. I wonder who I can contact so my Dad can meet the Pilots? Surprise him with the treat if possible…. Mmmm…. He use to work at Whiting Field Naval Air Station in Milton, and has an accredited Naval career serving our country.

    • RyanS

      Very cool! Your best bet is to contact the Blue Angels directly or maybe try the Naval Aviation museum in Pensacola as they may know of some public appearances.

  38. Rhonda McKoy

    Is it possible to watch the show from the naval base in Pensacola or do you need to go to the beach

    • RyanS

      The July show is over the water along the beach. You can watch form anywhere but I’m not sure how much you’d see. The November show is at the NAS.

  39. Jeff G.

    Hello, So I was checking the schedule and noticed something very concerning to me. Why is it that the shows are not set up to where they can just jump from one state over to the adjacent or closest state to them instead of going “for example” from Wisconsin all the way over to Idaho and then back to Wisconsin and then all the way back over to Seattle??? That’s insane!! I’m noticing there are multiple shows and dates that are set up this way, Yes I do see a few that are either in the same state or next state over but they should all be like this. As a tax payer it seems like a huge waste of fuel and their time to go cross country for one show and back across the country to the next show. Don’t get me wrong I love watching these guys! I was checking the schedule so we could arrange to get our Grandson down from Boise to take him to the Idaho Falls show next month. But now I’m not sure if I want to take him due to the misuse of funds in my eyes to keep these guys going. Hope there’s a good reasoning behind this. Thanks! a concerned citizen.

    • RyanS

      There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that airshows are organized and planned by a wide variety of separate groups. None of these shows are run by the Blue Angels themselves, so they do not directly control the timing or locations. Many airshows are timed to coincide with other local events that would certainly not fit into a national sequence.

      The weather is also an important factor, as each part of the country has a prime season for outdoor activities. And finally the fact is that their mission is to reach the maximum amount of people. After the 10th California show in a row, I’m sure few people would be pumped to see them for an 11th. By spreading locations out throughout the year, they keep it from getting stale.

      It’s up to you whether you go or not, but the travel is already built into their budget which is extremely small compared to just about any other aspect of the military. It will be spent whether you go or not. You might as well get your taxpayer money’s worth by enjoying the performance.

  40. Jessica

    My family and I are visiting Pensacola this week but we won’t be here on Saturday the 8th. 🙁 we heard that there will be a practice show on Friday the 7th but I can’t find any information about that online. Can anyone confirm if there will be a practice show on Friday? I really want my brother to be able to see them.

    • RyanS

      There will be a practice show on Friday, and probably some practice flying on Thursday as well. Expect it to mostly follow the same times.

  41. Peggy

    I teach adults living with disability in Oakland. I have shown my participants film coverage of the Blue Angels…it was just thrilling to them! Do the Angels ever make guest appearances to speak at nonprofits? It would make their day to have your organization visit with a few pictures and such to show them…

    We are Ability Now Bay Area.

    Please let me know if this is ever done and thank you for your service and time!

  42. Robert O'Hara

    New Hampshire – Pease Air Force base please !! We miss you guys! New Hampshire – Pease Air Force base please !! We miss you guys! New Hampshire – Pease Air Force base please !! We miss you guys! New Hampshire – Pease Air Force base please !! We miss you guys!

    New Hampshire please!!! Everyone i talk to is upset that you guys aren’t coming this summer… we always enjoy when you guys visit – it’s a nice family day!

  43. Kathleen

    What time will the Blue Angels be practicing on July 13 and 14 in Milwaukee?

  44. John Wentworth

    The Blue Angels used to perform at NAS Le Moore. Are they ever going to return there? Also, when will they come back to Oregon?

  45. Steve Seiders

    My father and I are hopefully going sometime in 2018in Phx,Az. We have been trying to go for years but something always came up, he is getting longer in years now so I hope we can get together and see them I live on the east coast PA. Logistics can be difficult, 2018 is the year.

  46. Vee Lawrence

    Growing up, the Blue Angels were always a favorite with my family. We lived near the Naval base in Norfolk, Va.
    When the base became jammed with traffic, we’d set up a BBQ in our backyard, right under a flightpath looking at the Base.
    My Dad was a ham radio nut & would scan to pick up the frequency to hear the commands “Smoke On” and we’d look up to see it happening- all my friends thought that was the coolest!
    ✈ God Bless ✈

  47. Joy

    I’m interested in the Sept 29th – 30th show in San Diego next year. Do we have to buy tickets in advance? If so where and what location in San Diego is the actually show?

    • RyanS

      That one is almost certainly at MCAS Miramar. They will have more info after their show this year concludes

  48. Dean Yokoyama

    Blue Angels need to comeback to Hawaii…2019 Hopefully….

  49. Heather A

    If you love the U.S. Navy Blue Angels you may want to take a look at the Official licensed coffee by Deluna now available at…/deluna-coffee-blue-angels-blend

  50. Judy Gilmore

    Can you tell me where in Chicago the air show will be? Thanks for your help.

  51. Lynn perez

    Love them..watched them for years .. our son is a Heart veteran .. proud to be ..

  52. Felicia Poores

    Would love to see you in Warner robins. At RAB. Never have seen you and would love to.

  53. Sarah

    We definitely need the blue angels to come back to Hawaii!!! There are so many military kids that have been disappointed that they didn’t show up last year and now this year too!

  54. Rebecca Norton

    I’d like to see at the end of the show when you had the planes set up, and it was an eagle. Really beautiful. I was disappointed that you didn’t do it when you came to Maine the last time.

  55. Barbara Riddle

    Please come back to Redding CA.
    It has been almost 4 years.
    Love the ANGLES. I saw them growing up in Biloxi MS. at Keesler A.F.B.

  56. David Widmer

    I cannot find ANY Official Programs for the Brunswick, ME Air Show taking place tomorrw/Sunday (Aug. 26,27)!! NOWHERE!! Where can I find one??
    A prompt reply would be appreciated.
    Thank you, in advance!!

  57. Don G.

    Not to mention the parents – you know… the military “big kids” luv The USN Blue Angels

  58. HARRY

    My Grandson will surely be disappointed to learn that the Blue Angels will not fly over Boston this year . Iwould think that they would celebrate the birth place of our country. Maybe in a couple about a picture for a 4 yr old who thinks the world of you guys. One vet to another

  59. Tim Tndk

    While im sure putting together a two season airshow schedule involves managing a whole host of intertwining bits and pieces illustrated as perhaps hundreds of ‘check boxes’. Well, I along with many others, I’m sure, appreciate the complexity of the development process, my son and I are no more likely to attend an airshow event next year compared to this year. As a child, my fascination for fighter jets far outweighed other interest I had, like dinosaurs and volcanoes. Please bring the team and their iconic Hornets to St. Louis, the home of McDonald Douglas and the world class fighters being built their during my childhood.

  60. Cindy

    Was so glad to have them back for Thunder Over Michigan this year! I’m going to have to make plans to go to the Dayton show next year!

  61. Barbara Williams

    I would love the Blue Angles to add flying over Cedar City, UT to their list. Some people can’t travel to see the Blue Angles and they can fly to reach our blue skies. Blue Angles please just notice we are not on your list. We are near Fort Hamilton, UTah. It’s a great place to fly.

  62. JD Harper

    Are you ever going to be in the middle of the country like Tulsa Oklahoma we would love to have you please think about it and more middle of the country thank you for your consideration you all are fantastic God bless you all take care

  63. Cynthia Sims

    Glad to know Blue Angels will be in Cleveland, Ohio 2018. This year it was the Thunderbirds. They did good, but they started the show flying in from Hopkins Airport, and returned to Hopkins Airport. The Blue Angels start and finished at Burke Lakefront Airport. A SHOW is determined by the start and ending. Thunderbird didn’t do a great job of that. By the way, can I have a flight around the city???!!Lol…


    We saw the Blue Angels in Ypsalanti, Michigan over Labor Day weekend! I took my grandson and daughter and was a great time! I couldn’t believe all the great maneuvers it was mind blowing! My grandson wants to be a Blue Angel! He started Kindergarten yesterday and I told him that was the first step! I can’t wait to see you in Ohio or Michigan next year!

  65. Robert

    I live directly across byou graundy from blues love you all but is all that noise nessacery. Carry on with the american spearit and thank you the night shift work force.

    • Kim Adams

      LMAOyou can put a silencer on a gun. Uhhhh…you can’t put a silencer on a jet engine, airplanes of any kind, engines, a train engine, a harley motorcycle engineor race car enginesduuudeyou funny… Lover of jet noise…AND THE BLUE ANGELS!!

  66. H2o testing

    Dave here I have just seen the blue Angels do a little trickery and then land at a los Alametos airbase joint Navy base . They’re going to have a show in Huntington Beach September 30 and October 1

    • William Gonder

      Most military air shows are free to the general public. I know that from personal experience. I’ve watched both the t-birds and the angels fly as a kid growing up while my dad was stationed here in Phoenix AZ.

    • RyanS

      Each show is operated independently with their own prices and rules. You will need to find the website for the specific show you are interested in.

  67. Shirley Lee

    Where are the Blue Angels scheduled to fly in the Huntington Beach,CA area on September 30 & October 1st. Ticket purchase? Ticket costs?cost to Park? Thank you for your help!

  68. Linda L Easterly

    Will there be a night rehearsal on thursday, nov 9, 2017 prior to the day practice on Friday, Nov 10, 2017? If yes, what is the start time for the practices?

    • RyanS

      They will likely practice on Thursday afternoon, around the same time as they will fly on Friday and Sat/Sun. Start time is typically anywhere between 2pm and 4pm

  69. Elizabeth Milton

    We were at the Huntington Beach, CA show October 1, 2017. It was awesome.

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