US Navy Blue Angels Announce New #6 Pilot For Remainder Of 2016 Season

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Commander Frank Weisser - US Navy Blue Angels

The US Navy Blue Angels have announced that Commander Frank Weisser has joined the team as the new #6 Opposing Solo pilot, reports the Pensacola News Journal. Cmdr. Weisser previously served with the team from 2008 to 2010, filling the typical rotation of Narrator, Opposing Solo, and Lead Solo. He will take the place of Marine Captain Jeff Kuss, who died in a crash while practicing for the Great Tennessee Airshow in Smyrna, TN in early June.

Weisser will serve the remainder of Kuss’ slot, flying as Opposing Solo for the rest of the 2016 season and transitioning to Lead Solo for the 2017 season. It is likely that Weisser has been practicing with the team in Pensacola already, and will join them in public demonstrations once he has reached full proficiency with their routine. In the mean time they will continue performing a five-ship routine. The team will perform for a home town crowd at Pensacola Beach this Saturday.

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  1. Vincent Lisa

    Welcome back Sir! Thank you for your return and dedication! Bravo Zulu! Gods Speed blue skies and calm winds aloft!

  2. Nancy Kaplon

    I NEVER tire of watching the Blue Angels even though I have seen them many times………..When I hear them (here in the Atlanta area), I am compelled to hop in my car………sit on the side of US 41 by Dobbins Air Force Base and watch again………….Congratulations, Commander Weisser……………..

  3. Craig C Heady

    I still think we should implement that CRAP program you’ve talked about but definitely include the CRAPO.

    Congrats to you Sir!

  4. Srisaba Selvarajah

    Cdr Weisser, thank you for assuming the watch. It was my pleasure working with you.

  5. German Gutierrez

    Welcome aboard Commander Weisser. I’m sure you are qualified and will continue the great tradition of flying excellence as established by the US Navy Blue Angels. Best Wishes.

  6. Diane Megnin

    Welcome aboard Weisser sir: the Blue Angels are my favorite because my husband was in the Navy for 30 yrs. go get m tiger!!

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