US Navy Blue Angels Cancel 2016 NAS Patuxent River Airshow Appearance

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US Navy Blue Angels

The US Navy Blue Angels have canceled their upcoming performance at the NAS Patuxent River Air Expo, the base announced on its Facebook page earlier today. The airshow was scheduled for October 29 and 30.

The cancellation is rooted in the fatal crash of Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss earlier this year. The recently released investigation into the crash determined that the high tempo of team appearances may have led to fatigue and contributed to the crash. In response, the team was ordered to take one weekend off every eight weeks. Unfortunately for fans in the area, Pax River’s show was the eighth in a row and thus the one to get cut. Luckily, it does not appear that the team will have to cancel any other shows in the 2016 season, which wraps up at their home base of NAS Pensacola, FL on November 11-12. The impact on the 2017 season is currently unknown as the policy may change during the off season.

Naval Air Station Pax River says they are reviewing the impact of the cancellation on the show. We will bring you the news if they any changes to the event.

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  1. Candace

    Extraordinary brilliance and precision timing. I am always shocked at the sheer audacity of this team. I am proud to be an American!

  2. Jan Hewlett

    Living on pax River base I am disappointed however, safety first and I do get to hear the sound of freedom on a daily basis. Maybe next year we will have the blue Angels here.

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