US Navy Blue Angels To Resume 2016 Airshow Schedule In Traverse City, MI

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US Navy Blue Angels

The US Navy Blue Angels will resume their 2016 airshow season in one week, when the team performs at the 2016 National Cherry Festival Airshow in Traverse City, MI for the Independence Day holiday. The team stood down following the fatal crash of Blue Angel 6, Marine Captain Jeff Kuss, at the Great Tennessee Airshow in Smyrna on June 2nd. They resumed flying a week and a half later and have practiced at their home base of Pensacola in the following weeks. They canceled scheduled appearances in Syracuse, NY, Dayton, OH, and Vero Beach, FL during the stand down. Each of those shows was given a single-ship F-18 Hornet demonstration instead.

The team will likely perform with only one solo pilot for a time, while a replacement Opposing Solo pilot is brought back up to speed. The new number 6 pilot has been chosen and is practicing with the team, although details have not been announced.


    These guys do an awesome job. I had the privilege of seeing them in action in May 2016 in Lynchburg,Va

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