Video Highlight: Take A Ride In The B-25 Mitchell “Show Me”

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B-25 Mitchell "Show Me"

One of the most popular portions of our Youtube channel is our series of on-board videos, which take you to unique vantage points on and in some of your favorite aircraft. We recently added two new videos to the collection, thanks to the help of the Commemorative Air Force’s Missouri Wing. We invite you to take a ride in their B-25 Mitchell “Show Me” at the 2016 Spirit of St Louis Airshow and STEM Expo.

The B-25 was one of three large WWII bombers, along with the B-29 Superfortress “FIFI” and the B-17 Flying Fortress “Texas Raiders”, to perform flybys together during the show. If you look closely in the video, you can even pick out the other aircraft flying ahead. We also filmed the flybys from the ground, so you can see all three incredible aircraft, and get a feel for the low passes each made.

The Missouri Wing offers flight experiences in “Show Me” as well as their TBM Avenger, which we had the privilege to ride in last month. If you want to experience living history and some awesome flying at the same time, please consider booking a seat on one of their flights!

B-25 Mitchell “Show Me” Cockpit View – Spirit of St Louis Airshow and STEM Expo 2016

B-25 Mitchell “Show Me” Turret View – Spirit of St Louis Airshow and STEM Expo 2016

B-29/B-17/B-25 Flybys – Spirit of St Louis Airshow and STEM Expo 2016

Thank you to the CAF Missouri Wing, and in particular Bob Lawrence and Matt Conrad for their assistance!

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