Canadian Forces Snowbirds 2018 Airshow Schedule Released

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Canadian Forces Snowbirds

Here is the 2018 airshow schedule for the Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds! Will you see them in 2018? Let us know! Post in the AirshowStuff Forums or on the AirshowStuff Facebook page and make sure you share pictures after the show!

Schedules often change during the year – for the latest updates please be sure to check our forums!

2018 Appearance Schedule – Canadian Forces Snowbirds

May 5-6: MCAS Cherry Point – MCAS Cherry Point, NC
May 12-13: Peterson AFB – Colorado Springs, CO
May 15-17: Blue Angels Visit – NAS Pensacola, FL
May 19-20: Anderson Regional Airshow – Anderson, SC
May 23: Ocean City, MD
May 26-27: Jones Beach Airshow – Wantagh, NY
May 30: Airshow Cape Breton – Port Hawkesbury, NS

June 2-3: Borden Armed Forces Day – CFB Borden, ON
June 9-10: Thunder Of Niagara Airshow – Niagara Falls, NY
June 13: Parry Sound, ON
June 16-17: Great Lakes International Airshow – St. Thomas, ON
June 19: Saint-Isidore, QC
June 23-24: Heroes Festival Canada – Wasaga Beach, ON
June 27: Sur L’ air de Chambly – Chambly, QC
June 28: Montreal, QC

July 1: Parliament Hill Canada Day Flyover – Ottawa, ON (Flyover Only)
July 7-8: Manitoba Airshow – Southport, MB
July 11: Flin Flon Rotary Airshow – Flin Flon, MB
July 14-15: Country Thunder Saskatchewan – Regina, SK
July 15: 15 Wing Fellowship Highway to Heroes – Moose Jaw, SK
July 18: Snowbirds Over Camrose – Camrose, AB
July 21-22: Cold Lake Airshow – CFB Cold Lake, AB
July 25: Rocky Mountain House Airshow – Rocky Mountain House, AB
July 28-29: Hometown Heroes Airshow – Whitecourt, AB

August 1: Vancouver, BC
August 4-5: Vanderhoof International Airshow – Vanderhoof, BC
August 8: Nanaimo, BC
August 10-12: Abbotsford International Airshow – Abbotsford, BC
August 22: Thunder Over The Boardwalk – Atlantic City, NJ
August 25-26: Atlantic Canada International Airshow – Summerside, PEI
August 29: Brantford Charity Airshow – Brantford, ON

September 1-3: Canadian International Airshow – Toronto, ON
September 4: Captain VandenBos School Tribute – Whitby, ON (Non-Aerobatic Performance)
September 7-9: Airshow London – London, ON
September 15: Aero Gatineau-Ottawa – Gatineau, QC
September 16: Battle of Britain Commemoration – Ottawa, ON (Non-Aerobatic Performance)
September 19: Snowbirds Over Fort Erie – Fort Erie, ON
September 22-23: NAS Oceana – Virginia Beach, VA
September 29-30: Oregon International Airshow – Hillsboro, OR

October 6-7: Santa Maria, CA
October 13-14: Fort Worth Alliance Airshow – Fort Worth, TX
October 19: Home Closer – CFB Moose Jaw, SK

24 Responses

  1. Sarah

    Hey! Will you guys be appearing on Vancouver island?? We’d love to see you all in action!

  2. Gary

    Hey Sarah! The Snowbirds fly in Comox for 2 weeks training in April before hitting the road for their May schedule start. Several practice sessions a day!

  3. Don Furnival

    Hope to see the snowbirds at Luke air force base arizona.seen them once about 10 years ago at Glendale az.the blue angels are here on March 17-18, and it would be a great double header.the Canadians would like to see our team in arizona.

  4. Tracey Gravel

    Hoping to find out the schedule for April 21 and 22 in Comox? I know the snow birds usually practice twice daily and would like to take my brother’s in laws to see the practice as they are from China.

    Thank you

  5. Maureen

    They just flew over my house practicing their maneuvers in Niagara Falls, NY. I didn’t know they were in town this weekend so it was a bit of a shock to hear them. I ran outside like a crazy person to see what was going on. Being Canadian, it made me very proud and emotional to see them. I’m in awe!

  6. Ruth

    They have been flying over Goderich throughout the afternoon so wondering where they are coming from.

  7. Connie

    Just enquiring where you would find out the cost of admission/ticket per person, how much, and how does one go about getting one. Do you need it in advance of the show. Thank you looking for the July 15 Moose Jaw show.

  8. Connie

    Looking for info about the Moose Jaw July 15 show, never been and don’t know where or how to get tickets etc.

  9. Ray w

    Seen you guy’s in St Thomas great show, always enjoy your show.

  10. Joan Darling

    Saw a practice run today over Tobermory. Always exciting to see

  11. David Doney

    They flew over Ridgeway Ontario this afternoon on route for Fort Erie display

    I imagine some Buffalo NY residents had a nice view as well

    Would not be suprised to hear they did a Niagara Falls Fly over for the Tourists

    Seeing all those aircraft flying by in formation is a wonderful site to see

  12. Jayette

    We saw this show from the Buffalo side and it was just AMAZING and it was a perfect evening to be outside watching it!! I will look for it again next year. Thank you Snowbirds!!!

  13. Bobbie

    The Canadian Snowbirds performed for us at the Oregon International Air Show this week and were absolutely phenomenal! I grew up in an aviation family and have attended numerous air shows, but their performance was the most outstanding I’ve ever seen. There were nine jets! Thank you so much! Please, please come back again!

  14. Ron Wirstuk

    As a young air cadet I was introduced to the Snow Birds at CFB Penhold air show. Then fast forward to the last two air shows at CFB Namao where l was honoured to introduce my daughter to the breathtaking performance of the Snow Birds. Since that day she has been also in awe to watch them. In 2017 I accompanied my daughter and grandson to watch the Snow Birds. Now there’s 3 generations that are in awe any opportunity we have to watch the Snow Birds. Keep up the great job !

  15. John Sturdivant

    Are the Snowbirds performing today over White Rock BC? (August 8, 2019)? Please advise, thank you, John Sturdivant

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