Fat Albert To Miss Start Of Blue Angels’ 2017 Airshow Season

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C-130 Fat Albert Maintenance Overhaul

Last August, we reported that Fat Albert, the famous C-130 Hercules flown by the US Navy Blue Angels, was undergoing a massive maintenance overhaul at Hill AFB in Utah. The rework caused the beloved aircraft to miss the remainder of the 2016 season, and the Marine Corps crew borrowed a standard KC-130 to transport the team’s equipment. They could not perform in the backup, known always as “Ernie”, due to differences in the airframe.

Now, it looks like Bert will still be undergoing maintenance as the 2017 airshow season starts.

In a tweet to a fan on the Fat Albert Twitter Account, “Bert” announced she’ll miss the first show of the season at NAF El Centro in California. Other photos posted to Twitter show the propellers detached from the aircraft and the iconic gold paint on the nose of Fat Albert.

C-130 Fat Albert Maintenance OverhaulC-130 Fat Albert Maintenance Overhaul

At this time, no return date for Fat Albert has been released but we have heard that the team expects to get the aircraft back in March. Once Bert is back in service, it will take the crew 5 or 6 weeks to train up to demo standards, so the first performance may not be until late April or early May. Get well soon, Bert!

C-130 Fat Albert Maintenance Overhaul

6 Responses

  1. Mike Carey

    Gonna miss Bert. A true highlight of the show. Love to see the team bring back the JATO demonstration also. I was fortunate to ride along during an airshow at Rickenbacker IAP in the early 90’s and we did a JATO demonstration. The level of professionalism and expertise of the crew was amazing. The Blue’s continue to bring the best in flight every time. Thanks

  2. Ryan

    Poor ol girl was hurting pretty good, but I have it on a good source that her wings are almost back on and she’ll be back in one piece before long.

  3. Charlie

    Ask any American to name an aircraft and other than the Enola Gay and Memphis Belle. There is only Fat Albert. She is the most famous aircraft of our time. Please, keep her up and running. She is the heart of the fabulous Blue Angel airshow and beloved by millions of Americans.

  4. Charlene

    Cheyenne frontier day … Blue angles got rained out here and I was excited to here them fly by.

  5. Charlene

    Cheyenne Wyoming frontier days. Blue Angles got rained out.. dog gone it..

  6. Kevin colford

    My girlfriend, her dad tom and myself were really looking forward to seeing Fat Albert at the great state of Maine airshow in Brunswick,Maine. but we still got a great show with the Blue Angels.

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