Patrouille de France Officially Announces Airshow Schedule For 2017 North American Tour

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Patrouille de France
Photo Courtesy of the Patrouille de France

Although we first reported on it in November, the Patrouille de France officially announced their 2017 North American tour today and unveiled all of the stops on their schedule. See below for a full list of their appearances, which is translated and subject to change. The team also released the logo of their tour, which curiously mentions the US but not Canada.

Patrouille de France North American Tour Logo

The Patrouille de France is the French equivalent of the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds, and performs precision formation aerobatics using Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jets. Their aircraft will sport special paint schemes during the 2017 season to commemorate their tour, which coincides with the 100th anniversary of America’s entry into World War I in France. According to their graphic, they will travel with ten Alpha Jets and one A-400M airlifter.

Will you see the Patrouille de France in 2017? Let us know! Post on the AirshowStuff Facebook page or on our forums, and make sure you share pictures after the show!

2017 North American Tour Appearance Schedule – Patrouille de France

March 19th: Arrive Bagotville, QC
March 25th: Statue of Liberty Flyby, New York (12pm)
March 26th: Washington DC flyby (1pm) and reception with French Ambassador

April 1st and 2nd: Melbourne Air Show, FL
April 3rd and 4th: Sun-n-Fun Airshow, Lakeland, FL
April 5th and 6th: Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of US entry into WW1, Kansas City, MO
April 7th-9th: Maxwell AFB Airshow, AL
April 10th-12th: Visit w/USN Blue Angels at NAS Pensacola, FL
April 12th: Flyby over Trescal Factory, Dallas, TX
April 12th: Refueling in Santa Fe, NM
April 13th: Grand Canyon, AZ Flyby/photoshoot
April 13th-16th: California Capitol Airshow, Sacramento & Golden Gate Bridge Flyby in San Francisco, CA
April 17th-18th: Visit w/USAF Thunderbirds at Nellis AFB, NV
April 19th: Refueling at Peterson AFB and USAF Academy Flyby, CO
April 19th: Refueling at Scott AFB, IL
April 20th-21st: VIP Event at Langley AFB, VA
April 22nd-23rd: Airshow at Stewart ANG Base, NY
April 28th-29th: NATO Tattoo in Norfolk, VA
April 30th: Wings Over Gatineau Airshow, Gatineau, QC

May 1st: Montreal, QC
May 2nd: Quebec City, QC
May 4th: Departure from Bagotville, QC

Patrouille de France 2017 North American Tour

17 Responses

  1. Werner

    Are they sure about the airshow date at Stewart, since the regular airshow isnt till Sept. would love to see them but not sure if that date or location is correct

    • RyanS

      We agree it’s odd, but that is what they show. Now that this has been officially announced we will surely get some additional info on their stops.

      • SeanS

        According to the New York Air Show Facebook page the event at Stewart is for the media and invited guests only.

        • Regis

          I got in touch with the French Air Force. Here’s what they said regarding their stop in Stewart :

          They will be training on the 22nd at 2pm, and have a show on the following day 23rd) at 11am.

          No mention of the show being private. I fail to see how this could even be possible. Stewart International Airport is public.

        • RyanS

          The question of private/public relates to whether they sell tickets or not. This stop does not have any public tickets, but you can obviously watch from anywhere you are able to get to

    • Carole McDermott

      The Stewart Air Show has been changed from September to July 1 and 2, 2017. It was moved because the Navy Seals will be able to perform in July. I haven’t read or seen anything, in this area, about the French.

  2. Charlie Hansen

    I’ll be at the California Capital Airshow in Sacramento, and the Golden Gate Bridge Flyover in San Francisco for these pilots. I’m also making a movie and these guys will be great. When they come to Sacramento, I’ll get their autographs and talk to them about it because they’ll be an excellent idea for it.

  3. Gilles C

    Hey, can’t find any info to know if there will be an airshow in Kansas City or not. Anybody knows where to get more details? Thanks!

    • RyanS

      From what I understand, it is not a full airshow but rather a ceremony at the WWI museum there. The team will likely perform only one or more flyovers, not a full aerobatic routine.

  4. Victor

    Anyone got any details on the Statue of Liberty flyby on March 25th?

  5. MikeR

    The French Embassy is indicating the Washington flyover is SUNDAY, the 26, not the 27th.

  6. Lori Crispi

    We heard about the Stewart flyby in the Times Herald Record two days ago. We just went to a good viewing spot at the airport today (3/23) and watched a very exciting flyby. They came right over our heads. There were quite a few people there, but when we talked to employees at the airport, they had just found out about it today.

  7. M. Hanson

    Wish they were coming to Luke AFB. Would love to see them and I bet they would love to see the F35’s.
    Please come. We love our fast and noisy jets. Sound of Freedom.


    Saw them today flying over Stewart from the parking lot of my job. Great lunch break entertainment

  9. Jan

    What time are they flying over the Grand Canyon on April 13th? I’d like to go see them

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