US Navy Blue Angels 2018 Airshow Schedule Released

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US Navy Blue Angels

Here is the 2018 airshow schedule for the US Navy Blue Angels! Will you see them in 2018? Let us know! Post in the AirshowStuff Forums or on the AirshowStuff Facebook page and make sure you share pictures after the show!

Schedules often change during the year – for the latest updates please be sure to check our forums!

2018 Appearance Schedule – US Navy Blue Angels

March 10: NAF El Centro Airshow – NAF El Centro, CA
March 17-18: Luke Days 2018 – Luke AFB, AZ
March 24-25: Wings Over South Texas Air Show – NAS Kingsville, TX

April 7-8: Heart of Texas Airshow – Waco, TX
April 14-15: Tuscaloosa Regional Airshow – Tuscaloosa, AL
April 21-22: Vero Beach Air Show – Vero Beach, FL
April 28-29: Wings Over Myrtle Beach – Myrtle Beach, SC

May 5-6: MCAS Cherry Point Airshow, MCAS Cherry Point, NC
May 12-13: MacDill AFB Air Fest – MacDill AFB, FL
May 23: U.S. Naval Academy Air Show – Annapolis, MD
May 25: U.S. Naval Academy Graduation – Annapolis, MD
May 26-27: Bethpage Jones Beach Air Show – Wantagh, NY

June 2-3: NAS Patuxent River 75th – Patuxent River, MD
June 9-10: Rhode Island National Guard Air Show – North Kingstown, RI
June 16-17: Chippewa Valley Air Show – Eau Claire, WI
June 23-24: Vectren Dayton Air Show – Dayton, OH
June 30-July 1: National Cherry Festival Air Show -Traverse City, MI

July 14: Pensacola Beach Air Show – Pensacola Beach, FL
July 21-22: Biloxi Gulf Coast Air Show – Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS
July 28-29: Fargo Airshow – Fargo, ND

August 4-5: Boeing Seafair Air Show – Seattle, WA
August 11-12: Abbottsford International Air Show – Abbotsford, BC
August 18-19: Terre Haute Air Show – Terre Haute, IN
August 25-26: Sound of Speed Air Show – St Joseph, MO

September 1-3: Cleveland National Air Show – Cleveland, OH
September 15-16: Owensboro Air Show – Owensboro, KY
September 22-23: NAS Oceana Airshow – NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA
September 29-30: MCAS Miramar – San Diego, CA

October 6-7: San Francisco Fleet Week – San Francisco, CA
October 13-14: Aviation Round Up – Minden-Tahoe, NV
October 20-21: Wings Over Houston Air Show – Houston, TX
October 27-28: NAS Jacksonville Airshow – NAS Jacksonville, FL

November 2-3: Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow – NAS Pensacola, FL

Want to look a little further ahead? We also have a copy of the preliminary 2019 US Navy Blue Angels schedule!

167 Responses

  1. Carson Matherne

    No New Orleans . Finally got it back last year. WOW it was a great turn out last year.

  2. Joseph Woods

    Nothing in Louisiana in 2018 and took look at a glance of 2019 nothing in Louisiana again, is there any planning in future to return to Louisiana.

  3. Linda Huff

    Will you ever return to OKC Oklahoma? We sure would love to see the Blue Angels again!!

    • RyanS

      Depends on the airshow, some (usually military bases) are free but some charge for admission

  4. Dan Jacobson

    Welcome back, we at Rio Bend R.V. Would lick to invite you to our fish fry dinner on Friday night. We would be honored to enjoy your company. And of course dinner is on us. Hope to see you

  5. Sheila

    Are you flying both Saturday and Sunday, July 14 and 15 in Pensacola this year?

  6. Nancy Gehrs

    We are anxiously awaiting the practice schedule for 2018. We plan our vacation around it!

  7. karen norgren-dowling

    I am so proud of my grandson, Ao1 Brandon Bates who was chosen to be a crew chief with the Blue Angels
    Enjoy the special time you have with them

  8. Kellie Moore

    The dates for flying in 2018 are Saturday and Sunday. Will they still do the practice flight the Friday before?

    • RyanS

      Not sure which show you’re asking about, but the Blues generally fly a practice demonstration on the Thursday and Friday before each airshow.

  9. Elad Noslo

    Do the BA’s practice this time of year? I am in the area and thought I could find a spot to watch.

  10. Diane Phillips

    What days are practices in El Centro and can they be viewed? In February or March?

    • RyanS

      I’m not sure honestly, but that sounds like a good question to ask on our forums! I imagine someone there can help.

  11. Laura Lopez

    Blue Angels, I want to take my hubby to your Wings Over South TX air show March 24-25. Which day will you be flying, or is it both days? And what time?

    • RyanS

      The team will fly both days, probably around 3 or 4 pm. Get there early though, as flying will likely start at Noon and it will fill up quickly.

  12. Chas Folcik

    Will the NAS JAX show be at NAS JAX or over the water?

    Chas Folcik,
    Daytona Beach Navy League

  13. C

    I am so Lucky!!
    I just moved to Jax Fl and the Blue Angels fly over where I live:)
    “over” meaning in the sky over my house:)
    I ❤️ The Blue Angels

    • Wayne

      I received word from the Belle Chase air station that they will not be having a show in 2018.

  14. Claudia

    Wish you guys were coming up to NH or Maine again this year! Miss you! Be safe and will try to get to RI in June
    June 9-10: Rhode Island National Guard Air Show – North Kingstown, RI

  15. John Pollard

    I am in California looking forward to having a great time at the next airshow.

  16. Susan Kowalski

    I Dont have many regrets but this is one of them. To not persue a career flying jets. I have always loved flying and only dream of what it must be like going Mac 1. Words can’t explain the excitement and high I get every time I see a jet, Blue Angel or any other. I hope some day before I die I get a chance to take a ride in one even if it’s just a take off and landing. Never get tired of watching you perform or listening to you scream by…… safe, God Bless and thank you for your service! GOD BLESS AMERICA

  17. Taylor

    I know that the parking was bad the last time y’all did it here but why no Colorado anymore???

    • RyanS

      That depends greatly on the show; they are all managed individually. You will have to find the website for your local show and see what they say about tickets.

  18. Brandon kibler

    Wish y’all would come to Pittsburgh once a year that would make my year get bakk to me at my email if you decide to do a show in Pitt y’all are great I love your show

  19. Ken I

    Is it possible for our Corvette club, Vets with Vettes and Corvette Owners, to come down from Huntsville to attend the show and get picture opportunities with the Blue Angel aircraft?

    • RyanS

      You’d have to contact the airshow and/or the Blue Angels directly to find out!

  20. Audrey Murphy

    Wish you were coming to Mass would love to have my granddaughter see you. My dad brought us when he was in the air force.

  21. Candy Derosier

    Is there a possibility of the blue angels to be @ the Tri-Cities airport in TN around 9/28?

  22. steve

    looking forward when here in TEXAS!!!!!!!
    so cooll!! cant wait!!!

  23. Claudia Orta

    Can’t wait to see you all in 2 weeks in Kingsville Tx hell yeah!

  24. Anne

    See you either in Annapolis or Patuxent! Never been – can’t wait !!!

  25. Diane H

    Thanks for flyover Yuma, AZ, on your way to Luke AFB. It was awesome.

  26. David A. Steward

    I am a U.S. NAVY Veteran, and have had the privilege of watching the Blue Angels perform numerous times, begining when the aircraft of choice was the F-4. My wife and kids could not understand my excitement last summer when we planned to attend a practice while on vacation in Pensacola. Now we are planning weekend trips around their schedule this year! May GOD Bless all Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Soldiers out there! Godspeed…….

  27. Jeff

    I have heard the city of San Francisco wants fleet week moved out of the bay area. Anybody have any follow up on this? It’s very disturbing.

  28. Geoff

    Not gonna be at the Point magu,CA airbase this yeah ? Bummer always great to see any aviation open to th public on base

  29. Sat Antony Pastorizo

    I am Navy veteran and I would like to go on Vero beach Air show on April 23. God bless our braves men and women. Thanks to the veterans USA is # 1

  30. Steven bortz

    Looking forward to August when they fly here in Seattle for seafaring always awsome show

  31. Jimmy Jarrell USMC Retired

    I have seen two different schedules, are the Blue Angels going to be in Myrtle Beach in April 2018 or in Florida

    • Josh Sheffield

      April 21-22: Vero Beach Air Show – Vero Beach, FL
      April 28-29: Wings Over Myrtle Beach – Myrtle Beach, SC

      • GAY C LATHE

        Someone told me that they actually are practicing at the location on the Friday before the air show. So if I drive up to Vero on the 20th, will I see anything? Thanks in advance.

        • RyanS

          The Thunderbirds and Blue Angels do fly practices on the Friday before each show. This is a ‘dress rehearsal’ and essentially no different than a regular performance on Saturday or Sunday. Get as close to the show site as you can (nearby roads/businesses may be shut down) and enjoy!

    • Josh Sheffield

      No, but
      In 2018: April 28-29: Wings Over Myrtle Beach – Myrtle Beach, SC

      In 2019: April 27-28: Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Beaufort, South Carolina

  32. M.J. Sturdivant

    I love my “blues” I was in navy 1952-56 was at usnaas whiting july 53-sept56. I was there bwhen sherman field was being built. Number 6 Davies is from kennesaw georgia and I am from acworth ga. next door…I love the “blues” beyond words. My greatest thrill ( I am a pilot) would be a ride with the blues. “GOD” bless all veterans M.J.Sturdivant AD2 USN

  33. Sat Antony Pastorizo

    How much costs ticket for the air show in Vero Beach?

    • RyanS

      Depends on the show; each is operated independently. You will have to find the website for the show closest to you to see what their policy is.

  34. Theresa

    The first time I saw the angels fly was with my dad. A couple of years ago when they were in Evansville, Indiana, I took my grandsons (who were both close to my dad), my step-son and my husband to see them both days that they were here. I lost my dad, Phillip Raymond Earles, on October 8, 2017. Over the years we had been to many air shows and had been to the Air force museum at Wrights in Ohio several times.
    My email address even has blue angel in it, along with a set of blue angel wings that I have on my shoulder.
    This will be the first year that I will be seeing them without my dad, at least I hope that I get to go see them.

  35. Renate Layson

    Do you know the practice schedule for the Tuscaloosa Airshow? Thank you.

  36. Diane

    Is there no Friday (9/28) airshow scheduled in Miramar this year? We’ve been going on Friday for many years.

  37. Daniel Gatson

    Wow blue Angels not coming to point mugu air naval base year in CA dang i was looking foward to taking my son hes young only 1 1/2 oh well looks like we takin road trip to SF. Anyways do u think it loud for him even with ear phones assuming he leaves them in??

    • Katniss

      Mine did ok. If your kid does not do ok with loud noises in the home or outside then don’t take him. Their little ears are so sensitive.

    • Mike Stuart

      I took my Son to see Blue Angels at SeaFair when he was just 18 months old. I did put extra insulation in his headset. Now he is 28 and in his second season as a BA Maintainer. Have a blast

  38. Joyce Cernosek

    So proud of them. My husband served with the Blues 1971 -Oct. 1975. Lots of memories both good and bad. One big family.

  39. Larry G. Johnson

    We are looking forward to being in Pensacola to see the Air Show in July. God Bless each of you and our Military.

  40. Shelly Alexander

    Ya’ll are the best of the best! There’s nothing as exhilarating as standing on the ground as y’all fly over! Be safe up there!


    Are y’all not coming back to Rome Ga this year? I went last year and I loved it! What about Savannah Ga do yall ever make a trip near there?

  42. Rob taylor

    Great show! Enjoyed watching you all at wings over myrtle beach.

  43. Donna

    Hopefully I will see your amazing show on Pensacola Beach in July. Keep Safe and Happy Flying!

  44. Lisa

    How do you know what times the shows will be for the dates above?
    Is there any way to meet the pilots? I am the founder of a non profit organization that supports pediatric cancer patients and I think a trip to see the blue angels and a possible meet and greet would be a great “make a wish” surprise for some of those kids.

    • RyanS

      Times vary by show – each airshow is run independently. You’ll have to find the website for your local event and contact them for details. The Blue Angels do usually perform visits to area hospitals and schools!

  45. Richard C

    Was a USAF Public Affairs specialist for many years and worked many a Blue Angel and USAF Thunderbird event. I went on to Teach Public Affairs for the DoD and proud to say that I had two students go on to recently be PA specialists for the teams! One for the Blue Angels and one for the Thunderbirds.

  46. Jackie Perritt

    I saw the blues flying in to Pensacola this morning.was they just coming in for a short stay.will they be practicing any while in Pensacola

  47. Ron Johnson

    anybody no where they are landing for the jones beach air show

  48. Timothy R Cormier

    I think that the blue angel’s are the coolest thing to see in the world WOW!

  49. Melissa Alvarado

    San Antonio TEXAS! I don’t see any dates for us…?

  50. Susan Price

    Will they be practicing on June 5th and 6th in Pensacola?
    Thank you,


    my fiancé is retired navy and would like to see the blue angels. we live in northern Wisconsin and there is a show scheduled June 16&17 at the Chippewa Valley Airport. He was thought the blue angel shows were free but they are showing you have to purchase tickets., would like more information on this.

    • RyanS

      Every airshow is organized by a different group. The Blue Angels do not have a hand in organizing any of them. Some shows (including military base shows) are free, while others charge for tickets. Eau Claire is a civilian-run airshow that charges.

  52. lisa

    what are the times on Aug 18th in Terre Haute Indiana?? Can we bring chairs ?

  53. Katherine watson

    What time is show 7/21-7/22 2018 in Biloxi. Can it be seen on Biloxi beach

    • RyanS

      Expect flying to start around noon, the Blues should fly starting sometime around 3-4pm. Get there early though because traffic is always bad at every airshow!

  54. Kevin Sammann

    So, F/U. From not only the Navy but also the Angels. Point Mugu. Hear for MANY years. Many years…. Southern California. Obvious what you think of us.

  55. Annie

    When are they coming to Fairchild AFB Washington? Any for next year?

  56. Carol

    What are the times for July 14 and 15? Is the 14th a practice and the 15th a show or are there shows both days?

  57. Richard Helfrich

    Nice show in Traverse city.
    Hope to see air show in Pensacola March of 2019

  58. Richie

    I saw them fly over orange county California yesterday. Just thought I would share that. It was awesome!

  59. Randall K. Walden

    I have heard several bits on info about the Pensacola ‘Show on the Beach’ one place noted Show for both Sat. and Sunday, July 14 & 15. Now I’m only seeing it on the Saturday the 14th… but no time is given? Can you give me confirmation on dates and times for the ‘Show on the Beach’? I really hope to see you there again. I was thinking of coming on Sunday …but now not seeing that date. Do I need to adjust my schedule and come Saturday if that is the only date for the show? Thanks! Oh, and the show time would be helpful as I would be driving from Dothan, AL and might have a group coming down as well. Thanks for this information.

  60. Kimi

    Loved the air show in Huntington Beach Calif 2017 , wish they were going to be here again. It was so awesome to see. Stay safe my friends. Hopefully we can go to San Diego.

    • Theresa

      just googled Huntington Beach air show, looks like it is set for October 19-21, 2018..I came here to look for that event also 🙂

  61. Michael Ulrich

    I am a Navy Vietnam Vet. Cruiser and Air Craft Carrier 1968 – 1970. Really want to see Blue Angels in Houston, Tx, Oct. 20 and/or 21. How do I purchase tickets, price options, if any, directions and name of air field, and how early may I line up for entry to parking area? Also what are the hours of the show, and will there be Navy and or Blue Angels memorabilia and hats and clothes to purchase on site? My first air show and must be my Navy Blue Angels. Thanks for your kind assistance.

  62. David R. Cherry

    will the air show be on radio in Pensacola Fl. And if so what station. I will be on a Boat and would like to listen.

  63. Chad

    Not one show in Colorado for 2018?? Come on – the Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs!

  64. Quonna L Bender

    Does anyone know where I can buy tickets to the Blue Angels Air show in Seattle on Aug. 4th?

  65. Belinda

    Where to buy tickets for the Homecoming Show, Pensacola in November?

  66. Jennifer Herrly

    They are here un Fargo/Moorhead this weekend I saw them last time they were here and am o EXCITED about seeing them again although i didnt purchase tickets they put n a real gd show…just saw them practicing today:-)Love the Blue Angels:-)

    • Jeff L

      Google H. B. Airshow 2018. It says thdy are coming to H B. And I heard about it on the radio.

  67. Chartres

    So bummed you guys won’t be in Huntington Beach,Ca this year!

  68. SINAI

    I wish they had a show in san diego this summer, we visit every summer and we were looking forward to seeing the show

  69. Joel Godston

    What bunch of talented pilots, and better yet, young people, that provide a GREAT service to the USA. While I flew in the Air Force flying B-47’s, in the Mass Air National Guard flying F-86H’s, and later owning and flying a Cessna 182, all in my ~60 years of flying. I never was able to do what the Blue Angles and Thunderbirds do for our country and World. Thank you, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU! When I entered the Air Force after graduating from RPI in 1955 I first saw the Thunderbirds doing their airshow in Lackland, Texas flying F-84’s. Finally, I would like very much, and honored, to ‘chat’ with a pilot of the Blue Angels for a few minutes. How can I do that?

  70. angel brown

    looking for info on show in terra haute and also home coming 2 and 3 in Pensacola????

  71. Kathy King

    Under the leadership of Cmdr. Doyle, this team is soaring better than ever! Congratulations on a job well done!

  72. Robert rene

    Where hi can by ticket for the 22.23 september 2018 for viginia beach show for the camera from Québec canada

  73. Richard F Pruneda

    How do i het tickets for 6/7 Oct. 2018 for San Francisco Fleetweek. Im a veteran of 3 wars , Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan , retired 38 + years USAF CSAR…Helicopters. Thank You.

  74. Marti Hobbs

    When will you perform again at China Lake Navel Weapons Station? Soon I hope.

  75. Joyce Newman

    Would like some information about the upcoming event in Pensacola Florida
    How much
    Thank you in advance

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