US Navy Blue Angels 2019 Preliminary Airshow Schedule Released

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US Navy Blue Angels

Here is the preliminary 2019 airshow schedule for the US Navy Blue Angels! This schedule has been released on a preliminary basis only, and will likely see notable changes. Please make sure to check back with us in December of 2018 when an updated 2019 schedule is released!

Preliminary 2019 Appearance Schedule – US Navy Blue Angels

March 16-17: NAF El Centro Air Show – NAF El Centro, CA
March 23-24: California International Air Show – Salinas, CA
March 30-31: NAS Key West Southernmost Air Show – NAS Key West, FL

April 6-7: Sun-n-Fun Fly-In Expo – Lakeland, FL
April 13-14: Wings Over South Texas – NAS Corpus Christi, TX
April 20-21: OFF WEEK
April 27-28: MCAS Beaufort Air Show – MCAS Beaufort, SC

May 4-5: Fort Lauderdale Air Show – Fort Lauderdale, FL
May 11-12: OPEN
May 18-19: Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival – Cape Girardeau, MO
May 22: U.S. Naval Academy Air Show – Annapolis, MD
May 24: U.S. Naval Academy Graduation Flyover – Annapolis, MD
May 25-26: Northeastern Pennsylvania Airshow – Scranton, PA

June 1-2: Star Spangled Salute Air Show – Tinker AFB, OK
June 8-9: Great Tennessee Air Show – Smyrna, TN
June 15-16: Ocean City Airshow – Ocean City, MD
June 22-23: OFF WEEK
June 29-30: Quad City Air Show – Davenport, IA

July 6-7: KC Downtown Air Show – Kansas City, MO
July 13: Pensacola Beach Airshow – Pensacola Beach, FL
July 20-21: Duluth Air Show and Aviation Expo – Duluth, MN
July 27-28: Grand Junction Air Show – Grand Junction, CO

August 3-4: Seafair Boeing Air Show – Seattle, WA
August 17-18: 61st Chicago Air And Water Show – Chicago, IL
August 24-25: New York Air Show – Stewart ANG Base, Newburgh, NY
August 31-September 1: OPEN

September 7-8: Spirit of St. Louis Air Show – Chesterfield, MO
September 14-15: OFF WEEK
September 21-22: NAS Lemoore Central Valley Air Show – NAS Lemoore, CA
September 28-29: MCAS Miramar Air Show – MCAS Miramar, CA

October 5-6: California Capital Air Show – Sacramento, CA
October 12-13: San Francisco Fleet Week – San Francisco, CA
October 19-20: Fort Worth Alliance Air Show – Fort Worth, TX
October 26-27: Thunder over South Georgia – Moody AFB, GA

November 2-3: Jacksonville Sea and Sky Spectacular – Jacksonville, FL
November 8-9: Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow – NAS Pensacola, FL

Again, this schedule is for 2019. If you’re looking for 2018 airshow appearances, check out US Navy Blue Angels 2018 Airshow Schedule Released

Updated Dec 6, 2017

51 Responses

  1. Cindy

    I mean “at” Willow Run. Of course I see the error just as I hit the submit button.

  2. Roger Wilco

    HAWAII 2017 (Oct.) was scheduled then cancelled — we were REALLY HOPING 2019 would be the year…… What say thou?

    • Windel Bolosan Jr

      Agree. The Blue Angles has performed at the international airport and at the Marine Base. So sad that they have canceled the 2017 Airshow

  3. Dave Eade

    Another year when the Blues miss out the United Kingdom. 40 years and some since we had the pleasure.

  4. Cindy

    Why isn’t Hawaii on the schedule?????? We love having Blue Angels flying over the Islands. Spectacular show at Kaneohe Marine Base…..

    • Andrew

      I came to this website hoping for this year but nope. I lived there for ten years and they came 3 times

    • Linda

      I thought they have been going to Jacksonville every year.???

    • Bobbi

      Yes!!! I will be taking my son up to Cape if they keep it. She lives in Cape.

  5. Scott D Smith

    Haven’t seen the team in Montana in several years. When are yall coming back??

  6. Kim

    Please come to Omaha for the spring time
    You can stay here with some friends
    And they’ve got lots of room
    You can sell your posters on the sidewalk
    By a cafe where I hope you’ll be eating soon♩♩
    Please come to Omaha
    please don’t say no, just come visit us…

  7. Ryan

    Would love to see our military might over rural Kentucky one year. These kids here in south east Kentucky never see Thundernirds or the Blue Angels. Most of the kids here are to poor to travel. You wouldn’t have to land just publish a date that you can do a few fly overs so these kids can get out and see and be proud of our military.

  8. Scott

    Nothing on the schedule for Brunswick Maine yet. The old BNAS misses you guys.

  9. Jonelle Gillette

    We just had the Blue Angels here in Traverse City, Michigan for two glorious days!!! I was sooo proud!! Loved every minute!

  10. Dick Stacey

    Another vote for Brunswick, ME. How can you pass up the fine Maine folks and the great lobsta? Ayup!

  11. Tedd Shirley

    Please come back to Des Moines, Iowa. You were here 50 plus years ago and I loved it.

  12. Jamie Lewelling

    How do you purchase VIP tickets passes parking etc For June 8-9 2019 Smyrna, TN airshow

  13. Mark banks

    Dear sir madam when you coming over to the uk we love you guys please please please

  14. Carol Burket

    We are a charter bus company and interested in your May 25-26: Northeastern Pennsylvania Airshow – Scranton, PA. Can you give us details on the how we can go about booking reservations for this event.

    Thank you,

    Carol Burket

  15. Mike Stanfield

    Commander Ryan B,

    I have a special knife I will be bring for you. Its a black-silver dragon collectors edition. I will be attending the Reno show. So I hope then?
    If not I can give it to Jerry, Dad to give to you. Aunt Gayle says Hi.

    Mike Stanfield, a fan

  16. David Pisano

    Good morning. I would like to get some Information on sponsoring a VIP tent for a group of navy vets for the Pensacola event. Thank you.

  17. Janine

    Why aren’t there any shows ever scheduled for Utah (near SLC)? I see none in 2018 or the possible 2019 schedule.

  18. Martha Hobbs

    Do you know when you will be at China Lake Navy base again? I saw you perform a few years back. Would love to see you again.❤

  19. Shirley Tough

    Can you let me know if there is definitely an air show with the blue angels on 2 nd and 3rd November 2019. I was intending coming over from Scotland for the show but need to know for sure if there is a show at Jacksonville on those dates.

    • RyanS

      “Definitely” is difficult to promise at this point. It is certainly the plan for a show to be held there. This is a preliminary 2019 schedule; an updated schedule will be announced in a few weeks and posted on this blog. The schedule is always subject to change after release, but as long as Jacksonville still appears on that updated schedule it should be safe to book tickets.

  20. Brenda

    Omg I am so excited the blue angels are coming to Wilkes barres 2019!!! It has been 35 years since I have seen them!!!! They are so awesome!!

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