WATCH: Blue Angels Soar Over Pensacola Beach With F-35s At Sunset

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One of the traditions of the US Navy Blue Angels is the “beach buzz”; each time the team returns from an airshow trip to their home base of NAS Pensacola, they fly down Pensacola Beach in formation as a salute to the community that supports them.

As the team returned home from the NAS Jacksonville airshow tonight, they did just that. However, on an unusual second pass over the beach, they were accompanied by two extra aircraft!

Two F-35 Lightning IIs took formation on the left and right sides of the Delta formation to make an 8-ship formation! Check out the video below:

  1. jim morehead

    Have loved airplanes since my young days, building models of all WW II planes. When I see jets pass over at low level, my heart jumps. Have watch these many times from Orange Beach Al. on vacation….GO “Blue Angels” Love it!!!

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