2019 USMC MV-22 Osprey Demonstrations Schedule Released

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US Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey - AirshowStuff

Here is the 2019 airshow schedule for US Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey demonstrations! Will you see one in 2019? Let us know! Post in the AirshowStuff Forums or on the AirshowStuff Facebook page and make sure you share pictures after the show!

Schedules often change during the year – make sure to check out our airshow calendar for an updated list of airshows and aviation events, plus this and other major schedules all listed in one place! You can also check our forums for discussion on the schedule and shows!

2019 Appearance Schedule – USMC MV-22 Osprey Demonstrations

May 25-26: Miami Beach Air and Sea Show – Miami, FL

July 4th: Fair St. Louis – St. Louis, MO

August 16-18: 61st Annual Chicago Air and Water Show – Chicago, IL
August 23-25: Central Iowa Airshow – Ankeny, IA

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  1. Sue

    One of these Ospreys flew over our house yesterday. What I can’t understand is why! We are in Oxfordshire in England and as far as I know, these aircraft are not operational for any UK military force and there is no air display coming up that features it. It had no markings that we could see. Would anyone know why we saw one?

    • RyanS

      There is a detachment of USAF CV-22s stationed in the UK, probably one of them

  2. Crystal M Smith

    I live in Smyrna Tennessee… Why were these flying over my apartment ?! It scared me and I thought there was about to be a war zone or invasion because there’s nothing out here… So what’s going on?!?!

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