Daks Over Normandy Group Has 37 Aircraft Lined Up For Massive 2019 D-Day Commemoration – But They Need Your Help!

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C-47 Skytrains - Daks Over Normandy

June 6th, 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion on World War II, and a massive operation is underway to get dozens of warbirds over to Europe to commemorate the event. This project, focused on DC-3/C-47 transports, goes by the appropriate name “Daks Over Normandy”.

So far, the multi-national team behind Daks has lined up 37 of the historic aircraft – currently based around the world – to converge on IWM Duxford Airfield in the UK and France next spring to take part in a series of flights and reenactments. Many of the aircraft are part of a related effort called the “D-Day Squadron”, which aims to bring US-based DC-3s together for a group flight across the North Atlantic to Europe following the same routing they might have taken during the war; a long and expensive journey.

Once in the UK, the assembled force will participate in a series of flights and paradrop reenactments before flying en masse across the English Channel together to perform a massive paradrop into an original 1944 drop zone in Normandy on June 5th. It is a gathering that may never be seen again. The aircraft will then land at Caen Carpiquet Airport and base there for further flying before the event concludes.

Of course, one can’t talk warbirds without also talking money. Ferrying even one aircraft across the Atlantic will cost thousands of dollars – and that’s with an all-volunteer crew! Keeping the aircraft going through Europe will require even more funds. The entire effort relies on donations, and the D-Day Squadron is actively seeking donors to sponsor the trip for US aircraft.

At the same time, the overall Daks organization recently announced their “Adopt an Aircraft” program, which seeks corporate and private sponsors and offers promotional branding, aircraft access, and VIP events for donors.

You can learn more and show your support at DDaySquadron.org and DaksOverNormandy.com. Donations of all sizes and types are welcomed!

Please consider supporting this incredible project, and look for more coverage of the Daks next year!

4 Responses

  1. mark bruce

    I’m interested in attending this incredible phenomenal event.

    Is there any space available for a crew member (that would be me) on any of the a/c heading out from the USA to Normandy? I have a pilot’s license and I’m currently restoring a DC-3 nose section / cockpit of a DC-3 that I rescued in San Juan 3 yrs ago… N135FS. I’m retired so my schedule is extremely flexible.

    Do you have a itinerary and list of events and locations that you could send me?

    I could also use a list of available hotels


  2. Kevin Smith

    If only was I younger, I had all the 82nd WW2 Airborne jumpsuit kit etc and spent many hours around this planes in the day as a Re-enactor. I wish you all the best and hope this happens.

  3. William R. Tyler

    Former PBA Dc-3 Check Airman / A&P is interested in details and possibility of becoming involved. Current IPC and class 2 medical.

  4. Ken Sanford

    Where can I find the schedule for the DC=3s & C47s flying over Normandy on June 5th & 6th?

    Is there a website where I can watch it live?


    Ken Sanford

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