Douglas C-47 “Bluebonnet Belle” Crashes On Takeoff

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Douglas C-47 Skytrain "Bluebonnet Belle"

Shortly after 9:00 A.M. on Saturday July 21, the Commemorative Air Force’s Douglas C-47 Skytrain “Bluebonnet Belle” reportedly crashed during a takeoff at Burnet Municipal Airport in Burnet, Texas.

Video of the accident shows that the aircraft began to yaw during the takeoff roll. Shortly after lifting off, the left wing dropped and struck the ground. The aircraft then came down and rolled across the grass where shortly before coming to a rest, the aircraft caught fire.

**WARNING: Video contains strong language**
Facebook Video of crash

Of the 13 people inside, all were reportedly able to evacuate the aircraft. Seven are reported with minor injuries with one passenger needing to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. Fire fighters were able to extinguish the fire. Much of the aircraft has been burned away.

“Bluebonnet Belle” was an active part of the Highland Lakes Squadron CAF museum. Named after the city of Burnet, the Bluebonnet Capital of Texas, its history started as part of the Allied Lend-Lease Program serving the Royal Air Force during the Second World War and was most recently involved with the relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey last year.

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  1. Joe Richard

    I have a number of pics of the “Belle” taken at a fly-in in New Iberia a few years ago. A sky diving team used the plane to jump from opening the show. Will happily share these pics of needed.

    So sad…a really beautiful plane!!!!

    • Jason

      Please do, for I’d love to see them. Could you possibly text those to me? Thanks!


  2. denny

    Looks like aft CG or elevator locks still on……either way pilot should have aborted T. O.

  3. Ryan

    Very grateful all survived. Praying for those injured. Sad at the loss of another classic air frame but it could have been much much worse.

  4. rose

    Sad for the Plane, but I am so glad to know that everyone was able to evacuate…God Bless them

  5. BJ

    Looks like a CG issue or pilot tried to lift off too early. I’ve never seen a C47/DC3 takeoff with/out lifting the tail first. Overall, looked like it was going very slow when pilot tried to pull it off the grass. Very sad. Blessing that everyone survived.

  6. Bob Bartell

    Looks like he lost the right engine & failed to properly control it. Even abort

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