Has The 2018 Aviation Nation Airshow At Nellis AFB Been Cancelled?

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USAF Thunderbird F-16 Fighting Falcon - Aviation Nation Airshow

UPDATE: The show has been confirmed as canceled in 2018.

ORIGINAL POST: Rumors are swirling that the 2018 Aviation Nation airshow at Nellis AFB has been canceled after it was removed from both the ICAS and USAF Thunderbird 2018 airshow schedules. The show was previously scheduled for November 10-11 on both.

This is a stunning development for one of the best military airshows in the country. Nellis is the home base of the Thunderbirds, and serves as the home town end to their season each year. The show previously canceled in 2015, but that was due to runway construction. This may be the beginning of a move to hold the show every two years instead of annually. Another interesting note is that the Thunderbirds’ 2019 schedule now has Nellis scheduled one week later than originally planned.

We are working to confirm this news, and will provide any further information we get. In the mean time, join the discussion and add your own info on our forums!

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  1. D.C. old

    I’ve been going to airshows sence back in the sixties. When I saw the Thunderbirds for the first time at Hamilton A.F.B. CA. I was hooked. I was raised in a military family , my father was a staff Sargent in the air Force . He passed away 1965 unexpectedly. When I see the Thunderbirds it’s a reminder of what the U.S. air Force has done for my family. All good.. Fly Thunderbirds Fly!!!..

  2. Wendy Seidu

    I LOVE THE AIR SHOW! My family and I travel from Utah to see it every time we can. It’s an amazing and emotional experience. Even though there is very little military back ground with my family we love it and are so grateful for you and the service you give our country! WE HOPE TO SEE IT THIS YEAR!! Thank you!! 🙂

  3. Eric Candanedo

    2017 was my first time at NAF airshow. The sound of 4 f16 taking of ar the same time is jusr incredinle. I liked it so much rhar I want to return for the 2018 and I dont even live in rhe USA.
    Is free but if you can pay extra for the area reserved I would recommended.

  4. Thomas A. Jaeger

    I hope it is not true. I never miss one show and the 2015 cancellation was a drag. Like to see my old F4s. please post if by some reason you all change your minds. Thank you for listening. Tom

    • Terry

      A show as big as Aviation Nation can’t be canceled and then “uncanceled”. It has been canceled. It’s not going to happen. The Air Force isn’t doing it this year. It’s officially NOT happening. If anyone asks about it the answer is the same: no show in 2018. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

  5. Heather

    They resumed their entire schedule, except their home base. Really?! Great way to tell your hometown “fuck you!”

  6. Tony Saldutti

    What a shame…my whole family and I really look forward all year to the Nellis AFB Aviation Nation Veterans Day weekend. Why would Nellis cancel such an awesome event…especially at The USAF Thunderbirds home base??? Many veterans and kids very disappointed…big kids too…like me.

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