Major Changes to 2018 F-35 Lightning II Airshow Schedule

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USAF F-35 Lightning II

A recent update to the ACC schedule has removed five shows originally scheduled for 2018. This comes after a few shows were added to the schedule a few weeks ago.

The canceled shows are:
– Myrtle Beach, SC – April 28-29th
– MCAS Cherry Point, NC – May 5-6th
– Seattle, WA SeaFair – Aug 2-5th
– Reno Air Races, Reno, NV – Sept 14-16th
– Ft. Worth, TX – Oct 13-14th

At this time, the reason for the schedule change is unknown. AirshowStuff has reached out to ACC and the F-35 Heritage Flight team for a comment.

With the changes, the F-35 will perform in ten Heritage Flights this year and appear at two international shows as a static display. The team will also make a third, much requested performance at the Royal International Air Tattoo, known to many as RIAT at RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, England in mid July.

This news comes after we learned the F-35 would be doing more than ever- adding extra flybys to it’s 2018 performance. In years prior, the aircraft would only takeoff and join up with the other aircraft for the Heritage Flight.

What are your thoughts on the schedule changes? Were you planning to go to any of the canceled shows? Join the discussion on our forums and let us know.

6 Responses

  1. Daniel Horne

    Please add a show back to Myrtle Beach SC! Would mean so much to so many South Carolinians! There are so many fans of air shows here, mostly because we have McIntire national air base a Shaw AFB all our air military might is an awesome show to all SC citizens!!!

    • craig

      come here ! to my house see F -35s twice a day training sorties mid mornings and night out of luke afb im like 10 miles north of Luke AFB they head north turn EAST right over my YARD daily love it

  2. Daniel bodman

    Wish the excellent F35 would be able to perform at more British airshows this year,aviation enthusiasts all over Britain can’t wait to see this amazing aircraft!

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