Rhode Island Airshow Canceled In 2019

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US Air Force Thunderbirds

The Rhode Island National Guard announced today that they are canceling their 2019 Open House and Airshow. Organizers determined that the planned deployment of troops in the coming months casts doubt on their ability to safely and effectively hold the event. The airshow is expected to return in 2020.

“Since the 1991 inception of the RING Open House Air Show, opening our doors to the public has been an annual highlight for our organization and its members,” Major Gen. Christopher Callahan said in a statement. “With this anticipated federal mobilization commitment in 2019, we have been presented with a difficult decision regarding our ability to safely and effectively conduct this public event.”

The news comes just days before the annual International Council of Airshows (ICAS) convention takes place in Las Vegas. The US Air Force Thunderbirds had been scheduled to appear at the show on June 29-30. The team has been planning to take a mid-summer break after that weekend before traveling to Colombia for an airshow in mid-July. Time will tell what airshow fills that spot, or if the mid-summer break gets extended or moved.

4 Responses

  1. Peter Bettencourt

    How come other scheduled air shows around the country aren’t being canceled during that time period? At this point, you don”t know when federal mobilization will take place, if it takes place at all. You are anticipating something that may not take place. I have attended almost every air show that has taken place in RI. Always well done. This is a real disappointment. WRONG DECISION!!!

  2. Chantelle Kievit

    Very disappointed!! Coming all the way from South Africa and was so excited to see this show. Already paid for 2 days accommodation and a 3hr train trip from NY to RI. Visiting NY and thought it would be great to go through and see the show. Only saw now that the airshow is cancelled. Come on America you can do better than this – Please reconsider putting on the airshow.

  3. Tom

    Cancellation because the Thunderbirds aren’t coming? Ok they’re the headliner, but they are 30 minutes of a 6 hour show. There are a lot of other performances people come to see. (Which unfortunately seem to vary very little over the years) I personally leave before the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels, so I can get a head start on the traffic.

  4. Eddie D

    Oh no!!!!! I’ve been taking my son for the past 4 years…since he was 3. He absolutely loves going to the R.I. Airshow! He’s gonna be so disappointed. Oh well, hopefully we’ll see you guys in June 2020. Stay safe

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