Blue Angels To Headline Expanded Independence Day Celebrations In Washington DC

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The US Navy Blue Angels will headline a series of flyovers and military demonstrations planned for the 4th of July in Washington, DC. The annual celebration of American independence in the nation’s capital is being expanded by President Trump after he witnessed a Bastille Day military parade in France. Details are still limited, but the Department of the Interior announced that the famous Flight Demonstration Squadron will be part of the event.

This is going to be a fantastic Fourth of July with increased access across the National Mall for the public to enjoy music, flyovers, a spectacular fireworks display, and an address by our Commander-in-Chief.

We received an extraordinary donation for a phenomenal fireworks display, and our colleagues from the Department of Defense will be providing a one-of-a-kind music and air power experience including a flight demonstration from the Blue Angels.

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt

Other flyovers are planned, including a VC-25 (Air Force One) flyover. F-35 Lightning II stealth fighters are also rumored to be participating. The flyovers are expected to take place during the “Salute to America” portion of the event near the Lincoln Memorial from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

Despite Secretary Bernhardt’s phrasing, the Blue Angels will almost certainly perform only non-aerobatic formation flybys instead of a full performance. It would be very problematic to get a full aerobatic box in the crowded city, and there would be little time for other performances in the one hour block of time scheduled.

The team did not have any previous commitments on the 4th, but they will be performing in Kansas City on July 6th and 7th. The USAF Thunderbirds also do not have anything scheduled for the 4th as of now.

We’ll announce more details if they become available, but in the mean time you can add your own thoughts and information to the event thread on our forums.

Also be sure to check our airshow calendar to find Blue Angel performances and other airshows near you!

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