New 2020 Canadian Forces CF-18 Hornet Demonstration Team Pilot Announced

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CF-18 Hornet Demo Pilot for 2020 Announced - AirshowStuff

The Royal Canadian Air Force has announced that Captain Dan “Delouse” Deluce is the new 2020 demo pilot for the CF-18.

Deluce’s family is no stranger to aviation. His father, a commercial pilot of forty years, introduced Capt. Deluce to aviation at a young age. He began teaching his son basic aviation and piloting skills, allowing Deluce to obtain his pilot’s license at age 16. His grandfather was also an RCAF Hurricane Pilot during the second World War.

Capt. Deluce is a graduate of the University of Toronto, where he studied chemical engineering. His professional flying career began in 2006 when he obtained his commercial pilot’s license. He then moved to Northern Ontario and worked for an air charter and medevac company- first as dispatcher and then as a co-pilot on a PC-12. In 2010, he was accepted into the RCAF and began working towards his goal of becoming a fighter pilot. He began flight training in 2012 and moved into jet aircraft shortly after.

Captain Deluce began his current position in 2018 as an instructor at 419 Tactical Fighter Squadron, training Canada’s newest pilots to fly as part of the NATO Flying Training in Canada program. He is currently qualified to fly the CT-155 Hawk and continues to fly the CF-18 in training and operational roles.

The CF-18 Demo Team is comprised of RCAF members from all across Canada. The 13 member team includes the demo pilot, eight technicians, three safety pilots and a public affairs officer/announcer. The CF-18 demo team will be performing at 17 shows in 2020.

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