US Navy Blue Angels 2020 Airshow Schedule Released

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Here is the 2020 airshow schedule for the US Navy Blue Angels! Will you see them in 2020? Let us know! Post in the AirshowStuff Forums or on the AirshowStuff Facebook page and make sure you share pictures after the show!

2020 will mark the team’s final year performing in F/A-18 Hornets, before they transition to the larger and more powerful F/A-18 Super Hornet. The season will end a bit earlier than usual to allow the team more winter training time.

Schedules often change during the year – make sure to check out our airshow calendar for an updated list of airshows and aviation events, plus this and other major schedules all listed in one place! You can also check our forums for discussion on the schedule and shows!

2020 US Navy Blue Angels Appearance Schedule

March 14: NAF El Centro Annual Air Show – NAF El Centro, CA (Show canceled)
March 21-22: LA County Air Show – Lancaster, CA (Show canceled)
March 28-29: MacDill Air Fest – MacDill AFB, FL (Show canceled)

April 4-5: Wings Over South Texas Air Show – NAS Kingsville, TX (Show canceled)
April 11-12: Off Week (Easter)
April 18-19: JB Charleston Air and Space Expo – JB Charleston, SC (Show canceled)
April 25-26: Vero Beach Air Show – Vero Beach, FL (Show canceled)

May 2-3: MCAS Cherry Point Air Show and Open House – MCAS Cherry Point, NC (Show canceled)
May 9-10: Dyess Big Country AirFest – Dyess AFB, TX (Show canceled)
May 16-17: Power in the Pines Open House and Air Show – McGuire AFB, NJ (Show canceled)
May 20: U.S. Naval Academy Air Show – Annapolis, MD
May 23-24: Jones Beach Air Show – Jones Beach, NY
May 30-31: Scott AFB Air and Space Show – Scott AFB, IL (Show canceled)

June 6-7: Off Weekend
June 13-14: Chippewa Valley Air Show – Eau Claire, WI
June 20-21: Memphis Air Show – Millington, TN
June 27-28: Dayton Air Show – Dayton, OH

July 4-5: National Cherry Festival Air Show – Traverse City, MI
July 11: Pensacola Beach Air Show – Pensacola Beach, FL
July 18-19: Wing Cold Lake Air Show – Cold Lake Alberta, Canada
July 25-26: Milwaukee Air and Water Show – Milwaukee, WI

August 1-2: Boeing SeaFair Air Show – Seattle, WA
August 8-9: Off Weekend
August 15-16: Great State of Maine Air Show – Brunswick, ME
August 22-23: Off Weekend
August 29-30: Thunder Over Michigan – Ypsilanti, MI

September 5-7: Cleveland National Air Show – Cleveland, OH
September 12-13: Maryland Fleet Week and Air Show Baltimore – Baltimore, MD
September 19-20: NAS Oceana Air Show – NAS Oceana, VA
September 26-27: MCAS Miramar Air Show – MCAS Miramar, CA

October 3-4: Naval Base Ventura County Air Show – NAS Point Mugu, CA
October 10-11: San Francisco Fleet Week – San Francisco, CA
October 16-17: Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show – NAS Pensacola, FL

29 Responses

  1. Jason Juarez

    Pretty sure Lancaster PA was meant to be Lancaster CA as they’re coming to the LA County Airshow 😉

  2. Martha Keeton

    I never miss them! See you at NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach, Virginia and any other local within driving distance!!

  3. Carlos

    Never saw so many off weekends. Have the shows been extended further into
    the year, but still have the same amount of shows as prior years, or is there a
    cutting back of overall air shows by the blue angels?

    • RyanS

      The off weekends are largely a reaction to the crash of Jeff Kuss in 2016. The investigation found that fatigue was partially to blame, so they added a rule that the team must have an off weekend once every 8 weeks.

  4. Carole Sullivan

    The Blue Angels always perform in Jacksonville, Florida around the end of October, taking turns at Jacksonville Beach and the NAS Jacksonville. I can not believe they are not scheduled to perform here in 2020. This is the Birthplace of the Blue Angels!!!!!!! I know a lot of people that have already planned their boat trips to watch them off NAS Jacksonville. Who created this schedule? Very disappointing!!!!

  5. Valerie L. Morente

    Would I need a special pass to watch the Blue Angels perform at Pt. Mugu base? What time do they start? Thank you.

  6. Ken Guier

    May God be with you and bless you during this show season. I always love watching you fly at NAS PNS for the final show of the season…. Be safe, have some fun along the way…

  7. J Sutton

    Will the Blue Angels ever come to Arizona? We have been waiting for years to see them.

  8. Ursula Houser

    We saw the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds doing their Flyovers yesterday
    in Honor of all Doctors, Nurses and First Responders. We saw them from
    the Shores of the Delaware River on the New Jersey Side and it was just
    wonderful. Thank you so much. You guys (and girls?) are just AWESOME!
    Are any of you are ever coming to Ft. Dix/McGuire again for some Air Show.
    It would be great to see a real Airshow again.
    Thank you for reading my email!!

  9. Harry A Wadsworth

    Are the Blue Angels performing in Annapolis May 20, 2020?

  10. Patricia Waddle

    Will the Blue Angles be performing in Ocean City, Maryland in 2021. Hoping you will be putting O.C., Md.
    on your 2021 schedule. Love watching and talking with you guys.


  11. Patricia Waddle

    Will you be performing in Ocean City, Maryland in 2021?? Hoping we will be on your 2021 schedule in
    O.C.,Md. I love watching, talking and even having my picture taken with you great performers

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