Billy Werth Injured In Aircraft Crash

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Billy Werth Pitts Biplane - AirshowStuff

Aerobatic pilot Billy Werth was badly injured in a plane crash last week. He is probably best known for performing in his red, white and blue Pitts biplane, but last year he also started performing as part of the Redline Airshows team with lead pilot Ken Reider. He is also an Air Force Reserve and airline pilot.

Billy was taking off to practice a Redline performance near Atlanta when his RV-8 lost engine power shortly after lifting off and came down hard off the end of the runway. Luckily, two paramedics that were holding short of the runway in a Cessna raced to his aid. He was eventually airlifted to a nearby hospital where he underwent several surgeries and remains in care.

The airshow family immediately swung into action; Billy’s wife Courtney was flown into Atlanta late that night thanks to the efforts of Jordan Brown and Matt Throckmorton from Hoosier Aviation. Since Billy remains in the hospital so far from home, a GoFundMe has been set up to help cover the travel costs associated with caring for him.

We wish Billy a full and speedy recovery!

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  1. Ethan McDowell

    I met Billy when I was a Line Tech at MQJ, he kept his Pitts in one of the hangers there and also did CFI for taildraggers. He’s a very spun up guy- always hyper and itching to get back into the sky. I’m quite sure this won’t keep him MEL’d too long.

  2. Kurt

    Update as of 6/29 from a close friend: For the first time he opened his eyes, was fully responsive but couldn’t talk due to the breathing tube. He even tried to GET UP out of bed and they were like “Noooo buddy, you had spinal surgery, you’re staying put.” He’s a fighter and he’s made it through crashing a Pitts onto the side of a road a few years back and walked away without a scratch. He also crashed his crotch rocket with his brother Dave and pulled out of that no problem with some fairly bad injuries.

  3. Mitch Woodall

    I live in Pensacola Florida, but i drove up to Georgia to pick up a car i got. I decided to stop and see my lifelong friend Steven who is a pilot and also works at the airport Billy where crashed. We were about to hop in my buddies Cessna when we saw Billy’s plane lose power and then the plane back fired and he flew behind a building so that we couldnt see what happened. We just assumed he was fine. We didn’t hear anything. But then shortly after we saw trucks hauling towards that end of the runway and heard sirens in the distance. Thats when we realized he went down. My buddy closed the runway and we watched life flight fly Billy off. I wasnt sure if he had made it or not. So glad to hear he pulled through. Prayers for Billy and family. I hadnt flown in years and hadnt been in a small plane like a Cessna since I was about 12(im 32 now), and that was in my friend Stevens same plane that his dad owned back then… Steven bought it from the guy his dad sold it to i believe. Anyway, needless to say i was terrified after a plane just crashed on the runway we were about to take off on and it was night time by the time the runway opened back up. But we made it, and he didnt come back until 3am and i then drove 5 hours home to Pensacola. Long day.

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