Blue Angels Plan Special ‘Beach Buzz’ Send-Off For Legacy Hornets Before Saying Goodbye

US Navy Blue Angels - F-18 Hornets

Update – The initially denying the plans, the Blue Angels have officially announced the time and route of the flyover which matches our original post. The only difference appears to be that any Super Hornets and Fat Albert may not participate. Be sure to check our new blog post for a map of the route!

Original Post – The US Navy Blue Angels are planning one final send-off of their Legacy Hornets next week before the jets leave the team for good.

The Blues will be conducting a special “beach buzz” near their home base of Pensacola on Wednesday, November 4th to mark the end of the Legacy Hornet’s service with the team. They will be transitioning to the newer F/A-18E/F Super Hornet this winter with hopes to perform in them starting in April of 2021. Team members were recently spotted at NAS Oceana in Virginia, where they were presumably being trained on Super Hornets. Some of the new team jets have already been flying maneuvers around Pensacola as well.

Buzzing the beach is a beloved team tradition where they fly down the coastline upon returning home from a show or to mark special occasions.

Sadly, the Hornet’s final year proved to be a bust with nearly all airshows across the country canceled. The only public displays by the Blue Angels consisted of “America Strong” flyover tributes to frontline workers during the early days of the pandemic and some Independence Day celebrations. NAS Pensacola would have hosted a massive celebration of the Hornets at the annual Blue Angels Homecoming airshow earlier this month, but it was canceled long ago.

Fans in the area should expect the team to fly down the beach on Wednesday the 4th around 4pm, weather permitting. The Hornets will be joined by some of the new Super Hornets as well as the new ‘Fat Albert’ C-130 Hercules that joined the team this year.

If you get some photos or videos, make sure to send them to us! We’ll be looking to share the event with Blue Angel fans around the world through our social media pages. We’d also love to see them added to our forums!

5 Responses

  1. Ken Guier

    I can’t speak for the Thunderbirds, but the Blue Angels are such an important asset to the community (PNS). They are very active in the community even when they are not flying…Our hometown boys are loved by the entire community.

  2. Nancy

    OH man!! I wish I could get there. My entire family had reservations for the Homecoming and it was cancelled. We were so bummed!!!!

  3. Hansel Bumgarner

    I think they should get the F35B and C. The Marines can fly the Bs and Navy the C. They could then incorporate some of the unique capabilities of the B into the show. Smaller, quicker and more maneuverable than the Hornet, I believe it would be a great fit for the Angels.

  4. Pat

    Ya ..good sugestion and that would be cool …but $66 million per plane F/A 18 super hornet vs. F35 B $251 million per plane …

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