Twin Tigers Pilot Mark Nowosielski Among Two Killed In Georgia Crash

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Update: The families of Mark Nowosielski and Nathan Sorenson have finalized plans for a joint celebration of life on Saturday, February 15 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at Peach State Airport (GA2) in Williamson, Georgia.

Friends and family of Mark and Nathan have established a Twin Tigers Memorial Fund GoFundMe campaign to help defray funeral expenses with any balance remaining to be used to help fund a scholarship to memorialize Mark and Nathan.

In lieu of flowers, the Sorensons have requested that donations be made in Nathan’s memory to or, the two schools Nathan attended, or to your local animal shelter. 

Original Post: Twin Tigers Aerobatic Team pilot Mark Nowosielski was killed Saturday when the small aircraft he was piloting crashed in Coweta County, Georgia. The crash also killed the son of his Twin Tigers team mate Mark Sorenson, Nathan.

The flight was not part of an airshow practice or performance. According to one news report, Mark had just purchased the Mustang II, a two-seat home-built aircraft similar to a Van’s RV series.

Mark was a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and started flying aerobatics in 2006, eventually becoming a member of the US Unlimited Aerobatic Team. As part of the Twin Tigers team, he was awarded the 2019 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship this past July. The act featured two Yak-55s painted in distinctive tiger-striped schemes and a special smoke ring generator. For night shows, Mark flew his Yak with Tron-like LED strips highlighting the wings and fuselage. Mark was also a Boeing 737 pilot for Southwest Airlines.

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  1. Cliff Reece

    Mark was a very close family friend and basically like a brother to me and my wife, as we grew up with him as he was best friends with my brother in law, Lance, with whom he went to school with at Embry Riddle and whom he grew up with. This news is devastating and still unbelievable as Mark was an unbelievable pilot and I’ve flown with him numerous times, and been present to watch him fly at countless air shows, and if there were anyone in the world that could ever have saved the aircraft to where it was “landable” or could’ve been “survivable”, it would’ve been Mark, which is why this hurts so much more as this makes me know he was in a “broken plane”, and therefore taken from us all, far too soon! I’m hurting like the rest of us, those of us that knew him, as he was the kindest, smartest, gentlest, nicest, bravest, and on and on “MAN” (and I’m not exaggerating when I state that the list of his accolades is endless) that I’ve ever had the privilege and honor of knowing, and I know that I’ll never meet another man like Mark again in this lifetime!! It is an understatement to say that he will be missed, as it still isn’t sinking in that he’s really gone! But I find comfort knowing that he is now with his father, Alex, whom he adored, and flying in the bluest of skies in Heaven, and smiling down on us and praying for us to not be sad, but to rejoice in the life that he lived, and just KNOW that he is safe and happy and loved, and with our father in Heaven!! And my deepest sympathies go out to the family of his passenger that passed away with Mark, as he was far too young to be taken as well, and as a father myself, I feel for his parents and his family, and want them to know that I am praying for them wholeheartedly as well, as they are dealing with the loss of their son, which no parent should ever have to deal with. But I take solace in knowing that he was in the BEST hands possible and if there were any chance, or any way, of Mark saving the aircraft to a point to where the crash was survivable, then Mark would have made it happen! But it’s times like this where I know that God directly intervened and called those two home for a purpose! There’s no other explanation, and I’m not questioning our lord, but I only wish we could’ve had Mark longer and that our Lord didn’t need him home so soon! Mark, brother, you are missed, you are loved, there aren’t enough words to express the grief that we are all feeling from your passing, but we know that you’re in a better place now, and we know that you are with your father, Alex, and that you are happy, but we miss you, we will continue to miss you, and we will always miss you!! Rest In Peace!!!

  2. Daniel and Tamara Perry

    Our hearts a broken for you all. Our prayers are with you all.

  3. Carol

    Mark was a resident of Leeward AirRanch, Ocala, Florida. He was a great neighbor and pilot and will be greatly missed …

  4. Tammy Freeman

    Sad day for Mark’s family, his SWA family and friends. Great pilot and caring person. I’m also in a loss for Nathan’s family and friends. This is a tragic event that took this young man too early in life.

  5. Dave Jackson

    To Captain Yak and Brooke – All my prayers and thoughts are with you at this sad time. Words cannot express my sorrow and sympathy. We are out of the country now but will reach out to you both upon our return. Please find comfort in the Lord, Dave and Judy

  6. Linda Rackel

    I had the pleasure of working with Mark at two separate airlines. He always had a smile and kind words for everyone. I loved hearing his stunt stories when the crew would go out for dinner together.
    I always felt safe with him at the yoke. He will definitely be missed. RIP my Captain

  7. Jason Rodericks

    God bless you Mark and Nathan. Know that all the extra time you took out of the kindness of your heart to tutor us during our transition to Southwest will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace brother.

  8. David Blakney

    Condolences to family and friends. Sounds like he was a remarkable man.

    May you find peace and strength in the days ahead.

  9. Jerry Crady

    Always a pleasure to work with the Twin Tiger Airshows as an Airshow organizer. The professionalism displayed by Mark and Mark was noted by the ICAS organization, as they were awarded the Bill Barber award for showmanship recently. Losing Mark and Nathan, so sorry for your loss Mark, is a terrible loss to the airshow industry, as well to their family and friends.

  10. Maggie & Jim Burke

    Our hearts are breaking for Marks wife and child, the Koberg, Reese and Fallin family’s and rest of Mark’s family and friends. Precious soul taken way too early from his earthly loved ones. Rest in peace, sweet soul.

  11. Nick Boden

    Mark was my best friend age 7-12 when we grew up together in Joburg, South Africa. Most weekends were spent with Mark and his Dad Alex waterskiing or flying in his Cessna and model airplane flying.

    Although we lost touch I treasure the many childhood memories I shared with Mark and his family.

    He is up there with Alex and we think of young Nathan and the tragedy his family is facing right now.

    Our prayers and thoughts are weigh Mandy, Marie, Nathan and the Sorensen family.

    Nick, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

  12. Scott Nebeker

    Devastated. This is a sobering reminder to cherish the ones you love and care for.

    I feel I didn’t do that enough with Mark N, Mark S, or Brooke.

    Like Cliff wrote above, there’s no person I’d trust more than Mark to put a doomed aircraft on the ground. I also agree with Cliff that this appears to have been a broken plane and unrecoverable circumstance.

    If Mark couldn’t, nobody could.

  13. Scott and Amanda Gilbert

    We are so deeply sorry to the families and people touched by this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Big T Neighbors

  14. Denise Pope

    The staff at the Henry County Airport (HMP) are sending our thoughts and prayers for all.

  15. Steven

    I was just one of the millions of people who had the privilege of watching the Twin Tigers perform several times here in Florida at airshows. I loved seeing them fly and even saw them participate in a missing-man formation once. It is with heavy heart that I think the next one will be for Mark. Praying for both families at this sad time.

  16. David Cook

    Mark and Mark both landed at KY8 -Hancock Co.,Ky Airport last year on the way to Oshkosh, they rested in Pilots area, took on fuel, Did a lot of pictures with he locals, interacted with everyone, It was my 1st meeting with them , they were very friendly, professional, and gave us a free airshow, upon leaving. They thrilled everyone. He will be missed, he was an ultimate Showman. Our thoughts are with the family. DM Cook Op/Manager, KY8

  17. Jodi Miller

    I feel the EXACT way Cliff Reece put it. He was larger than life and am so incredibly glad that God had us cross paths and have amazing memories together ❤ I am heartbroken your gone and for your Mom, sister and everyone.
    Mark you will forever live in my heart and I look forward to seeing you again. Sending you all my love to you…I Love You Mark

  18. Mike Burger

    A beautiful sentiment Cliff. I’m praying too, as well, for his family and for his flying partner and wife, for the loss of their son, and for you as well. May our Lord touch your heart, and the families of these two Mark’s, and heal all your pain. Take care brother.

  19. Pamela J

    Mark I met you years ago. You left an imprint on my heart. What a beautiful person. My prayers go out to your mother and sister. As well your friend and teammate’s family. If anyone could have saved that plane it would have been you. Taken so soon but we know your work upir father Alex now. RIP Mark

  20. Clark

    I met Mark about 25 years ago. He was attending Lassiter High School in Marietta, GA. Mark was so excited to beginning fulling his career in abating. At the same time Mark was building his flight hours so was my brother n law Lance Koberg. So I introduced them and they remained best friends for over 25 years. Going to Embry Riddle Universality together and constantly supporting each other to reach their dreams. Mark you will be missed but I know you are up in the sky’s doing what you love do. RIP

  21. jack

    I can not stand it and it is just terrible that it had to happen to two very good people.

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