Airshow Action 2023 Delivers Two Hours of Highlights

In a joint project with PlanesTV and This is Flight, we bring you Airshow Action 2023 – a special look back at some of the best airshow performances around the world.

Watch both parts of this special program for below for free!

Highlights of Airshow Action Part 1

  • A display by five US Navy F-5s in Key West
  • The return of LIMA Langkawi, including the Opening Gambit by Su-30s, F-18s and helicopters
  • The debuts of Ba Yi’s J-10Cs and the Russian Knights’ Su-35s
  • RAF displays, including the final public appearance by a Hercules and the all-new Lancaster/Typhoon “sychro pair”
  • Incredible pyrotechnic displays, a Korean War re-enactment and rare German EF2000 at Antidotum Airshow Leszno
  • Special heritage formations to celebrate the Italian Air Force centenary, featuring the Fiat G.91 and F-104 Starfighter
  • An Italian Air Force “air parade” featuring over 80 aircraft
  • A newly-restored Electra at Duxford, and the debuts of P-51 “Thunderbird”, P-47 “Bonnie” and Constellation “Bataan” at Oshkosh
  • A collection of MiGs at Oshkosh, including three MiG-17s, a MiG-23 and a MiG-29
  • Award-winning displays from the world’s biggest military airshow, the Royal International Air Tattoo
  • Role demonstrations and flypasts to celebrate 100 years of aerial refueling

Highlights of Airshow Action Part 2

  • The final display of the world’s only civilian-operated MiG-23
  • A farewell to Belgium’s much-loved F-16 solo display and Czechia’s Mi-24
  • Demonstrations of new Polish military equipment, including the AW101 and M346
  • A MiG-29 and Su-22 airfield attack
  • Rich Goodwin’s new jet-powered Pitts Special
  • One of the last airshow appearances by a USMC Harrier
  • The USAF F-22 performing a solo demonstration with flares for the first time
  • The Patrouille de France’s 70th anniversary
  • A world first classic jet formation and tailchase featuring the Me262, Sabre and MiG-15
  • IWM Duxford’s 50th anniversary airshow season, featuring a unique B-17/Lancaster pairs display and a ‘Big Wing’ formation of 19 Spitfires and Hurricanes
  • Spectacular views of the Blue Angels over Alcatraz
  • A showdown between Pakistan’s JF-17 and India’s Tejas
  • The global airshow debuts of the KF-21 and F-15QA
  • A world-first combined drone swarm, firework display and airshow in Dubai.

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