Use the calendar below to find airshows and aviation events across the US and Canada!

You can search by start date, event title and location, state/province, country, or filter on your favorite featured performers like the US Navy Blue Angels and follow their entire season.

If you have any questions or need more information about an event, you can follow the “More Info” button to see the discussion thread in our forums, if one exists. If it is not already being discussed, please start a new thread.

Although we strive to include every airshow and aviation event in the US and Canada, this list is maintained by a small group of volunteers and we rely on community input to keep the list complete and correct. If you know of anything that should be added or corrected, please contact us by e-mail, message AirshowStuff on Facebook or Instagram, or post the information in our discussion forums.

It is also important to note that AirshowStuff is not the organizer of any event listed in the calendar. We do not sell tickets to any event or set schedules for performers. The dates and planned performances listed are correct to the best of our knowledge but are subject to change with no notice due to factors like weather or mechanical difficulty. It is not uncommon for events or performers to cancel; please monitor our forums for the latest updates.

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2022 Airshow/Aviation Event Calendar

Preliminary 2023 Airshow/Aviation Event Calendar

This calendar shows some preliminary 2023 airshow dates. Expect dates to be confirmed in December of 2022.

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