USAF Thunderbirds Announce New Commanding Officer For 2018 Season

The US Air Force Thunderbirds have a new commanding officer! The commander of Air Combat Command, Gen. Mike Holmes, has selected Lt. Col. Kevin “Lowen” Walsh to lead the team in 2018. Lt. Col. Walsh was already serving as the interim CO of the famed demonstration squadron following the unexpected dismissal of the previous team… Read more

Thunderbird #1 Relieved Of Command After Loss Of Confidence

Thunderbird #1, Lt. Col. Jason Heard, was relieved of command earlier this month. The stunning news was announced today by The US Air Force’s Air Combat Command. Heard had served as the commander and flight leader of the famous USAF Thunderbirds demonstration team since taking over the role around one year ago. He lead the… Read more

US Air Force Announces New Thunderbird Officers For 2017 Season

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The United States Air Force (USAF) Thunderbirds demonstration team have announced their new officers for the 2017 season. In a press release posted to the Thunderbirds Facebook page, Commander of Air Combat Command Gen. Herbert Carlisle officially released the names of those joining the team next year. Taking over the reigns as Thunderbird 1 will… Read more