2016 F-35A Lightning II Heritage Flight Schedule Released

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USAF F-35 Lightning II

As we’ve reported previously, 2016 is an exciting time for F-35 fans because the aircraft will be introduced to the public as part of the USAF Heritage Flight program this year. At select show sites, an F-35 Lightning II will join in formation with the F-22, F-16, and/or one or more warbirds to honor the Air Force’s heritage. The 2016 airshows that will feature this incredible sight are listed below, as released by the US Air Force. Other variants of the jet will also make airshow appearances, including in the UK. No matter what your stance is on this polarizing fighter, in our opinion it’s always great to have new additions to the Heritage Flight!

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2016 Appearance Schedule

11-13 Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ (Static)

2-3 – Luke AFB, AZ (HF)
9-10 – Lakeland, FL (Static)
22-24 – Langley AFB, VA (HF)

7-8 – Ft Lauderdale, FL (HF)
28-29 – Jones Beach, NY (HF)

18-19 – Ocean City, MD (HF)
25-26 – Hill AFB, UT (HF and Static)

8-17 – RIAT/Farnborough, United Kingdom (HF and Static)

19-21 – Chicago, IL (HF)

3-5 – Cleveland, OH (HF)
14-18 – Reno, NV (Static)

14 – Air Force Memorial, DC (HF)
14-16 – Baltimore, MD (HF)
15-16 – Fort Worth, TX (Static)
22-23 – Houston, TX (Static)

12-13 – Nellis AFB, NV (HF)

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  1. Pete Collier

    I’m really excited, looking forward to seeing your display at R.I.A.T Fairford UK. “Praying for blue skies”

  2. Greg Dally

    Why is it this is not being displayed anywhere on the West coast? We need to feel the experience of where our tax dollars are going too. Arizona and Nevada is as far West as this schedule shows. What about Oregon and Washington…The beautiful Pacific N.W.

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