Blue Angels Release 2018 Pensacola Practice Schedule

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US Navy Blue Angels Release Practice Schedule for 2018

The US Navy Blue Angels have released their 2018 Pensacola practice schedule!

Although the team travels the country during the year, they return home to NAS Pensacola in Florida most weeks. In order to stay proficient in their demanding routine, they traditionally fly practice performances over the base on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during airshow season (March through November). Look below for their planned practice dates, but keep in mind that these can and do change as the year progresses due to things like weather or other circumstances. We will do our best to keep the list updated here and on our forums, but we can only pass on information as it is released.

Also be sure to check the 2018 Blue Angels airshow schedule to see where else they’ll be performing!

Practices typically begin at 11:30 am central time and last about 55 minutes. Public viewing is available at the National Naval Aviation Museum at no cost. The outside viewing area for the Blue Angels practice is located on the museum’s flight line north of the museum. Signs are posted to direct visitors to viewing and parking locations, including limited parking for handicapped visitors. Open bleacher seating is available and seats 1,000 people. A limited quantity of chairs are available for a fee of $3 per chair, good for that day’s practice session. Concessions (bottled water, sport drinks, light food, and treats) and merchandise are also available. Chair service, concessions and merchandise are provided by the National Naval Aviation Museum Foundation and proceeds support the museum and foundation programs.

A valid ID is required for all visitors 16 and over to gain access to the museum flight line. Backpacks, daypacks and other similar items are not allowed on the flight line.

2018 Blue Angels Pensacola Practice Schedule
March 27th
March 28th*
March 29th
March 30th (9am-10am)

April 3rd
April 4th
April 10th
April 11th*
April 17th
April 18th*
April 24th
April 25th*

May 1st
May 2nd*
May 8th
May 9th*
May 15th
May 16th*
May 17th
May 18th (9am-10am)
May 29th

June 5th
June 20th*
June 26th

July 3rd
July 5th
July 6th (9am-10am)
July 11th
July 17th
July 18th*
July 24th

August 15th*
August 21st
August 22nd*
August 28th
August 29th*

September 5th*
September 6th
September 7th (9am-10am)
September 11th
September 12th*
September 18th
September 25th*

October 17th*
October 23rd
October 24th*
October 30th
October 31st

November 1st
November 2nd

*Denotes autograph session following the practice inside the National Naval Aviation Museum.

Again, practices may be canceled due to weather or other circumstances without notice. Please contact the museum for last minute information.

40 Responses

  1. Jill Roberts

    Why no practices in June? We go to beach and seeing them is the highlight of our trip! We missed last year due to the tropical storm!

  2. Larry Reitz

    can the Blue Angels practices be observed from the beaches of Navarre?

    • Susie Eubanks

      No you can’t see the practice from Navarre Beach but you can drive to the end of the island at Fort Pickens and they will fly right over your head as the base is directly across the bay.

  3. Richard L Walker

    I don’t think so. You can see about 6 miles to the horizon when your eyes are 6 feet off the ground and the Blues practice quite close to the ground for many of their formations.

  4. Don Hofstetter

    Can I get advance practice show tickets? I am bringing our whole family the beach to
    Celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. We will be there on the 29th of May and all would like to see the practice show. There will be 15 of us. How do I go about getting advance tickets.
    I am also retired military if that helps.

    Thank you

    Donald Hofstetter

  5. Becky

    Don Hofstetter, there is no charge to watch the practice at Pensacola, it’s all free but get there early cause there are lots of folks that show up. It’s a great time!!!

  6. Amanda Brown

    Don Hofstetter, congratulations that is an impressive milestone to reach these days! Also thank you for your service! This is an easy outing and a lot of fun but make sure to bring hearing protection! If you don’t have any they do sell ear plugs there and there are snack tables so bring cash!!! And lots of water!!!! It gets warm!!!!

  7. Debra VanWormer

    Looking for information to be able to spend the day on the beach to watch a Blue Angels practice with our family. We do not have access to a boat, but have been told it is a great time on the beach. Thank you ahead of time!! ~~ Debbie

  8. Connie Tanner

    Are you allowed to bring ice chest & drinks (water, milk, orange juice) into the base to observe practice? Also, what type of ear protection is recommended? Thank you

  9. Martha Stendig

    I would like to purchase tickets for the Blue Angels Show on May 8 or 9 in 2018—Please email me how to do this

  10. c

    From Ft. Pickens you can really enjoy seeing the practices. Awesome! The beach and the Blue Angels!

  11. Robert Garrett

    Has damaged plane caused interruption in rehearsal schedule the next two weeks (May 2 and 9)?

  12. Janice Anne Scribner

    Where can I find out in advance which Sundays they will be flying over Pensacola Beach ?

  13. Dan

    Love working nights and trying to sleep over the noise in navy point, never buy a house here if you work the night shift,

  14. Judi Carlson

    Great shows! My dad was in the Navy stationed at Corpus Christi and had a picture of one of the original Blue Angels (Dusty Rhodes). I donated an album of photos he had to the museum.

  15. Christine Mertens

    There is a July 4th spectacular video going around! I am trying to find out if it’s the Blue Angels! It looks like a rocket, with the jets coming out of it in red/white/blue! Know anything to help me??

  16. Charles Malone

    I attended a practice session on 26 June 2018. I had about 10 family members with me. I’m 33 year retired Navy aircraft maintenance officer. The practice show they performed that day was simply said unsat. All the maneuvers were confusing the public address announcer. Weather was not a factor. Number 6 was forced to land and swap aircraft and on final landing had to leave his aircraft on runway with hydraulic failure. I had all the kids hyped up for this really great show and it just didn’t happen.

  17. Cindy Carol Shoffner

    Will there still be a practice on the Friday on 13t of July like it they usually do day before actual show?

  18. Harold

    Are leashed dogs allowed at the show? If not, can you recommend an offsite location for viewing?

  19. Felicia Houser

    What time on September 25th is practice time? Where is the best place to go sit and watch the performance?

  20. Becky Arthur

    Can you reserve the chairs in advance for the September 25th practice and is the time still 11:30 AM?

  21. Michael ehrlich

    Is the practice show scheduled for Oct. 17 going be effected by the hurricane???

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