Step Up Your Flying With Some Jet Time From Victory Flight Training

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Almost every private pilot dreams of some turbine time in their logbook; cranking a nimble tactical jet through aerobatics and extreme G forces. Victory Flight Training offers the opportunity to do just that, and they’re ready to get you in the cockpit.

More than just a joyride-for-hire operation (although let’s face it, there’s a lot of joy to be had), Victory focuses on improving the skills of pilots and expanding their horizons. Lesson plans can range from a simple familiarization flight all the way through to your S-211 check ride and jet formation qualification. Along the way, pilots will improve their stick-and-rudder skills, decision making, risk management, and more. Even existing jet pilots can benefit from unusual attitude training in the fully aerobatic aircraft.

The training is rooted in the military background of Victory’s pilots. Both Chris Koelzer and Tom Paquin flew F/A-18 Hornets for the Marine Corps and also have time in a variety of lighter jets and other general aviation types. Chuck Paquin was a Navy jet squadron commander, and is now a pilot for Southwest Airlines. They bring tactical jet instructor experience and proven military techniques to the training program.

The aircraft are sleek, Italian-built Marchetti S-211 jet trainers that are maneuverable yet easy to handle. Both airframes were built in the mid-1980s and previously served with the Republic of Singapore Air Force. About 20 of the type are currently registered in the US.

Victory is based in Denton, TX, but they travel to other areas throughout the year to offer training flights to a wider audience. Rates start around $2500 per flight hour, but they do offer discounts for multiple hours. If you’re ready to log some jet time, get in touch with them and make it happen!

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Victory Flight Training - S-211 Solo This Jet

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