Local Military Units Begin Announcing Flyover Times As Part Of Operation America Strong

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USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II Demonstration Team - AirshowStuff

While the official dates for the nation-wide US Navy Blue Angels and US Air Force Thunderbird flybys are not yet released, other military units are posting dates and times where you can see them fly over their local area.

This is all part of what has been called Operation America Strong, the military’s effort to salute healthcare/essential workers and promote national unity during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. However, some of the postings by “regular” units also identify it as Operation American Resolve. It’s unclear if this is a new name or a technically separate operation with the same mission.

So far, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Indiana can expect flybys from local units. You can find the details over in our forums, where we’re keeping track of the flyover schedules as they’re posted. We encourage you to post there as well to add any that you see posted! We’d also love to see photos and videos if you get any.

Remember to keep your distance and stay safe while watching any of the flyovers. Traveling long distances is still prohibited in many states, but a bad idea no matter where you are.

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  1. paul

    how much did it cost the taxpayer money for the fly bye
    could it of well be better spent if they drove over to hospitals with the essential things the hospitals needed the most for covid 19

  2. Clif

    Money is in their budget. Government is giving hospitals anything they need. It was a supply problem, not a money thing.
    I’ve been a Firefighter/Paramedic for 20+ years and I appreciate them doing what they can to show support for the people helping people.
    The Blues are welcome in DFW anytime.

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