2016 Blue Angels Airshow At Pocono Raceway Canceled

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US Navy Blue Angels

The US Navy Blue Angels will not be performing at the Pocono Raceway in 2016 after all. Airshow organizers confirmed this week that the event has been canceled. It is not a particularly surprising development, as little to no information about the show was published other than the initial announcement. The August 27-28 show was announced in March as a late addition to the team’s 2016 schedule. Spots on the teams schedule are highly coveted and it is unusual for the show to be added and then removed with such short notice. Now that there is little more than a month left before the opening, it is unlikely that another event will be able to book the team. For what it’s worth, organizers say they do plan to hold an airshow in the area in 2017.

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  1. peter chang

    September 24-25: MCAS Miramar, CA….Blue Angels….how much is the ticket?? I do need 8 tickets…any one knows? thank you for your help….awaiting reply please

  2. Mark

    I don’t know if this is true or rumor, but I heard that the reason the Blue Angels Pocono show was cancelled was because the Pocono racetrack officials, where the show was to be held, wanted to charge admission. Blue Angels shows are always free to the public, and always have been. After all, we pay taxes to support the military. So if this is true, it was cancelled because the racetrack owners wanted to profit off of free show, which wouldn’t surprise me.

    • RyanS

      Not true, the only shows that are prohibited from charging admission are ones held on military bases. Most airshows around the country are ‘civilian’ shows that can and often do charge admission.

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