JUST IN: USAF Thunderbirds Add Puerto Rico To 2016 Show Schedule

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USAF Thunderbirds to Perform in Puerto Rico

The United States Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, the Thunderbirds, will perform in San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 8-9th, 2016. This show fills a gap left when the Embry Riddle Daytona Beach show was canceled.

The last time the Thunderbirds performed in Puerto Rico was in April of 2011.

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  1. Seary

    I used to watch them in Hawaii! It will be AWESOME to see their performance in Puerto Rico!

    • jean

      Try some rescue, it’s a liquid you put in their water or you can get what’s called return to joy. Both are homeopathic and I have used them on one of my dogs. Good luck!

  2. Julio Moreno

    I was there in 2011 in decomissioned US naval base Roosevelt Roads in Ceiba, Puerto Rico. And I’m going again.

  3. Luis Marquez

    Perfect … Love to see it again … !!! You’re Greaaaat Thunderbirds … !!!

  4. elsa

    Theres no info on where will the show take place. Can somebody tell me , i dont want to miss it. And do we have to pay like the Ceiba 2011 Show?

  5. Dennis

    That good!!! In 2011 My father and I were there enjoying the great air show. All well organized, which vacilon.

  6. Herminio Rodriguez

    I went to see the show at the Ceiba Base with my son, who enlisted in the Air Force and is now a Staff Sgt as a Tactical Aircraft Maintainer with the Thunderbirds. Talk about providence!!!!

  7. Anais Velez

    At el Morro what time? Im a USAF VET and worked on F-16 cant wait to see them!!

  8. edwin

    At what time and if this will at el morro or the bahía and at what time?

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