US Navy Hornet Demo Teams Practice For 2016 Season

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It’s that time again! Fans and pilots alike are starting to get ready for the 2016 season. The Navy is as well! In order to qualify for certification, the US Navy demo teams must fly a certain number of practice flights before their first public performance. Many of these practice flights take place at their home base.

Therefore, starting February 22nd and running through March 4th, residents in Virginia Beach, VA and around NAS Oceana will hear louder than normal jet noise and see some low level flying by the F-18 Hornet and Super Hornet demo teams. These flights will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays with Friday as a backup date.

The practice demos will begin around 3:30pm and run for 45 minutes until around 4:15. If previous practice demos we’ve seen are any indication, both teams will fly. Low clouds and rainy conditions could cancel or reschedule demos, but those are the typical flight times.

The Hornet demo teams also fly at the Dare County Bombing Range in Dare, NC and in a simulator before taking to the skies over Oceana.

Schedule for the NAS Oceana Airshow!

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If you’re heading to the NAS Oceana airshow, get there early! The gates will open at 8am Saturday and Sunday and the flying will begin at 10am. The Blue Angels will fly around 3pm. NAS Oceana airshow

The following is a schedule of performers from the NAS Oceana airshow website. As always, the schedule is subject to change up until show time.
10:15 – Air Show starts with Bill Leff T-6 warm-up
10:25 – Jason Newburg Viper warm-up
10:40 – F/A-18C Tactical Demonstration
10:55 – L-39 Albatross Demonstration
11:05 – Fleet Air Power Launch and Demonstration
11:35 – National Anthem Flag Jump and Fleet Aircraft Flybe
11:50 – Fleet Aircraft Recover
11:55 – Greg Shelton Stearman Solo
Noon – Kent Pietsch Comedy Act
12:16 – Bill Leff T-6 Demonstration
12:31 – Bob Carlton Salto Jet Powered Glider Demonstration
12:43 – Jason Newburg/Viper Performance
12:55 – L-39 Albatross Demonstration
1:07 Skydive Suffolk Jump Team Performance
1:17 Geico Skytypers Demonstration
1:37 Kent Pietsch Dead Stick Performance
1:50 Greg Shelton/Sam Wing Walk Performance
2:05 Justin Lewis/Micro Jet Demonstration
2:15 Shockwave Jet Truck
2:25 Navy Wounded Warrior-Safe Harbor Presentation
2:35 F/A-18F Super Hornet Tactical Demonstration
2:50 Kent Pietsch RV Top Landing
3:00 U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron/Blue Angels
4:00 Finish

Saturday evening, head to 31st street on the VA Beach Oceanfront for the Beach Blast! The Blue Angels will be introduced to the crowd and parachuters will jump onto the beach and there will be a free concert. The Beach Blast begins at 6:30pm. Parking is available at a garage on the corner of 31st Street and Atlantic Avenue.