US Navy Blue Angels – NAS Pensacola Practice Show Schedule For 2017

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US Navy Blue Angels

Last week, the US Navy Blue Angels returned to NAS Pensacola in Florida following their winter training period at NAF El Centro in California. Now that the team is home, they will soon begin their regular practice flights over the base. They fly these shows in between airshow appearances to maintain their legendary level of perfection. Luckily for fans, their flights can be viewed from the National Naval Aviation Museum, and at certain times members of the team will even appear at the museum for autograph sessions.

In addition to the previously released 2017 Blue Angels airshow schedule, the team has released a schedule of their NAS Pensacola practice shows so that fans can plan accordingly. Check it out below!

US Navy Blue Angels 2017 Practice Schedule
All shows planned for 11:30 am except for Sept 13th, which will be earlier. These dates are subject to change.

March 28, 29*

April 4, 5*
April 11
April 14
April 18, 19*
April 25, 26*

May 2, 3*
May 9, 10*
May 16, 17
May 30, 31

June 7*
June 13, 14
June 20, 21

July 11, 12*
July 18

August 9*
August 15, 16*
August 22, 23

September 6*
September 12, 13
September 19

October 11*
October 17, 18*
October 24, 25
October 31

November 1*
November 7, 8, 9

* = Museum visit day

24 Responses

  1. Rebecca Youngs

    What is the schedule for tomorrow 4/25, Tuesday, for the Angels and Thunderbirds?

  2. Elizabeth Dimmitt

    Does the * for June 7 indicate practice and museum, or museum only? We are in area and would love to see them practice!!!

    • RyanS

      They should perform the practice, then visit fans at the museum afterward. However, there have been numerous changes to their schedule this year so I would definitely check with the museum a few days before your visit to see if there are any changes.

  3. Craig

    What hotel offers the best view of the air show in Pensacola from your balcony?

    • RyanS

      You’ll probably want to watch from the Naval Aviation Museum near the airfield. I would look up their website to see what you need to do to watch, but I believe it is part of admission.

  4. susie tingle

    what is the practice schedule for the week of the 4th? I know the main show is Sat. July 8

  5. Sheryn finnan

    Will there be a practice show on July 18 at 11:30?
    Please advise

  6. Carolyn Goff

    Just wanted to know if there is still going to be a practice in Pensacola on September 6, at 11:30. Also do we need tickets and where should we go to watch. When we were there on 911, we just went to stands to watch and didn’t need a ticket.Thanks!

  7. Cindy

    Just wanted to know if there is still going to be a practice Sept 12 and 13. If so what time will show be on the 13. Do we need to do anything in advance when we decide which day we will be there? Thanks.

  8. Dale R. Machalleck

    I would like to obtain an autographed picture of the current Blue Angels Flight Team! Is there a site or address I can order or request a framed picture!! I have a person who is 67 years old and in I’ll Health that absolutely loves the Blue Angels and I’d love to give her an autographed photo of the current flight team she saw at EAA AirVenture this year in Oshkosh, Wisonsin

    • RyanS

      Your best bet is to contact the Naval Aviation Museum directly, they have the most up to date info on specifics

  9. John Mingus

    Will the Blue Angels practice on Oct.17? If so what time do they start?
    Thank You,

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