“SOLOTURK” Turkish F-16 Fighting Falcon Demo Scheduled For 2017 Canadian Airshow Appearance

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SoloTurk F-16 Fighting Falcons

The ongoing Patrouille de France North American Tour is not the only exciting international appearance in North America this season! The Turkish Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon demonstration, known as SOLOTURK, will reportedly be traveling to the airshow in London, Ontario this September for one of just six appearances outside of Turkey. The other scheduled shows are listed on our forums.

The team typically performs a very aggressive demonstration utilizing smokewinders and a spectacularly painted black, silver, and gold aircraft. This same team was scheduled to perform at the NAF El Centro show last year, but the plans eventually fell through. Hopefully London will fare better!

SoloTurk F-16 Fighting FalconSoloTurk F-16 Fighting Falcon

From the SOLOTURK website:

SOLOTURK is a demonstration team which presents the capability of the modern and high-performance F-16 aircraft possessed by Turkish Air Force and the high level of skill and knowledge necessary for its use to the audience as a show. The demonstration flights are realized with a solo F-16 C Block-40 aircraft. White-colored smoke is released from the smoke devices which are placed on the edges of both wings during the show. No modifications have been made on the aircraft; it can be planned for any mission. Besides the demonstration flights, the SOLOTURK pilots continue their combat training.

London also announced that a KC-30 of the Royal Australian Air Force will be in attendance.

Photos courtesy SoloTurk website

Solo Turk F-16 Demo Added To NAF El Centro Airshow Lineup

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Solo Turk F-16 Demonstration
Photo Courtesy of Solo Turk

Update – 3/10/16:
Unfortunately the Solo Turk demo has been removed from the El Centro Airshow schedule in the past couple of days due to complications with their appearance. Although the show continues to try to work things out, the performance seems highly doubtful at this stage. The US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet demonstration has also been removed from the show schedule as the Navy has yet to approve their 2016 schedule.

Original Post:
Airshow fans in Southern California have a big reason to get excited today as the Solo Turk F-16 demonstration has been added to the schedule for the NAF El Centro Airshow later this month. The demonstration is possible because a contingent of Turkish Air Force aircraft will be participating in the Red Flag exercise at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. Six F-16 Fighting Falcons (including the specially-painted demonstration aircraft), two KC-135Rs, and one A-400 made the transatlantic journey. The demonstration usually uses “smokewinders” and flares, but it may need to be altered to comply with US airshow regulations. This marks a very rare opportunity to see a foreign demonstration on American soil, and we hope our fans will post some great shots of it to our Facebook page!

Here is video of a Solo Turk performance in Berlin in 2014: