Massive Multi-Team Photo Flight Planned For New York City, Statue Of Liberty Thursday

US Navy Blue Angels, RAF Red Arrows, USAF F-35 Lightning IIs, USAF Thunderbirds to perform Hudson River and Statue of Liberty Flyover - AirshowStuff
Photo courtesy of the New York International Air Show

UPDATE 7:27pm – Shortly after our original post (below), it was announced that the Blue Angels will not be able to participate in the flyover parade. Instead, the F-22 Raptor Demo Team will join in.

Original Post – The airspace over New York City will be extra crowded tomorrow when four military demonstration teams bring 24 jets together for an aerial parade! The US Navy Blue Angels, Royal Air Force Red Arrows, US Air Force Thunderbirds, and USAF F-35 Lightning II Demonstration Team will fly down the Hudson River and over the Statue of Liberty on Thursday morning, around 9:30am. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch all of these teams together!

This ultra-rare gathering is part of the Red Arrows’ 2019 tour through the US and Canada. The team performed alongside the Thunderbirds at the Thunder Over the Boardwalk Airshow in Atlantic City, NJ today. From there, the Thunderbirds will be heading to the Rochester International Airshow (Rochester, NY) this weekend while the Reds will join the Blue Angels and F-35 team at the New York Airshow (New Windsor, NY).

When the Patrouille de France team visited the US in 2017, they flew photo missions with the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, and Canadian Snowbirds, but at separate times. The North American teams have also flown very brief joint photo flights in recent years, but none over a major city.

The Red Arrows have already conducted several of their own flyovers of major cities like Halifax, NS and Boston, MA. Their tour will continue through early October as they work their way to the West Coast and back.

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  1. Richard Roller

    Is it possible to get a copy of the photo with all the jets together? Thanks.

  2. Dean Stephens

    I believe the Blue Angles are missing a photo shot of a lifetime. And when you mention about how other flybys were done. I look at what the Statue Of Liberty stands for. All these teams nead to wake up show unity and fly together.

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